Publication: 2024, Number-74

Analysis of Democracy as a Political Tool for Authoritarian(ISM)

Pelekeh H. Tapang

A Study of the Effectiveness of Methods Used to Disinfect Dental Unit Water Lines

Dr. Ayushi Bajoria . Dr. Mranali K Shetty, Dr. Karthik Shetty, Dr. Ashwin Rao,

Bacteriological Analysis with Antimicrobial Sensitivity in Blood Culture A Roadmap for Antibiotic Stewardship Establishment

Anitha K, Karthika Mohan, Nasreen Begam M, Prabhusaran N, Chitra Rajalaskhmi P

The Influence of Information Technology on Employee Responsiveness in the Telecommunications Sector, Nigeria

Kelechi Enyinna Ugwu (Ph.D.), Ebele Mary Onwuka (Ph.D.), Felix Ugochukwu Okwedy, Uzoamaka, Gloria Chris-Ejiogu (Ph.D.), Charles Odin

Factors Affecting Project Performance: A Case of Ministry of Water Resources Development, Somaliland

Dr. Abdi Ahmed Hasan, Zakarie Abdilahi Mohamed , Dr. Perways Alam

Fuzzy Neutrosophic Supra Dense G? Spaces

E. Poongothai & D. Vinoba

Management of Over-Extruded Separated Endodontic Instrument Using A Surgical Approach: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Ishani Saluja, Shreya Hegde, Sreelakshmi Pradeep, Anushka Arora, Roma M,

Human Capital Development and Service Delivery of Tertiary Health Institutions in South-South, Nigeria

Ikechukwu J. Ugwoke and Vincent A. Onodugo

Determinants of Tax Evasion: Evidence from Hawassa City Taxpayers

Tekalign Negash

Shovel Shaping of Maxillary Incisors: A Morphological Study

Dr. Preeti Singh

Administration and Management of the Urban Transport Network by Means of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Study of the City of Sitef Algeria

Dr. Anoune Noureddine & Dr. Hadjira Lyes

Application of Texture Analysis Techniques and Image Statistics to Fund us Images for Effective Comparison and Analysis

Routhu Shanmukh, CH Nooka Raju, G. Tirupati

Association of CSR Initiatives between Public and Private Sector Companies in Odisha: An Analysis

Surendra Kumar Mallick & Dr. Giridhari Sahoo

Management of Personnel Services and Goals Attainment Nexus in Public University in Nigeria

Wonah, F. Aduma *Okoi, I. Ikpi *Ogbeche, M. Mark *Uden, V. Kelechi *Ovat, E. Okpa *Igbineweka, P.O. Nsan, N. Nja *Nnaji,E. Samuel *Ogban, O. Nkanu

Overcoming Barriers to Generic Drug Adoption: Insights from Global Studies

Neetu Bairagi, Nisha Bishnoi, Vinod Kumar Bishnoi

The Continuing Education of The University Librarians in Hebei Province

Peisen Xu & Ramir S. Austria

Supervision and Management of Teaching Quality of College teachers in Hebei University of Engineering

Wenyan Li, Ramir S. Austria

Conceptual Framework for Human Resource Management Practices in Business Schools

R. K. Gayathri, Dr. R. Vettriselvan, Dr. Jaya Iyer

Instructors and Students Perceptions on Implementing Blended Learning Approach (BLA) in Communicative English Language Skills 1 (CELS1) Course: Focused on Wolaita Sodo University, Ethiopia

Amanuel Yonas Wodebo, MuluGeta (Ph.D.), Wondwosen T/Mariam (Ph.D.)

Prediction of School Student Performance Using Classification Models

Khushbu Agrawal & Dr. Bhavana Narain

Public Health Through Ayurveda A Literature Review

Dr. Rajimunnisa Begam shaik

Religious Inclination And Entrepreneurial Intentions In North-Central, Nigeria

Peter Siman Mani , Ekoja Geoffrey Owoicho , Gata Nehemiah John

An Empirical Study on Teachers Perceptions of Empowering Leadership Behaviours Among Principals in Malaysia

Fung Lan Yong, Yuk Fong Chin , Melinda Kong, Ming Ha Lee

Effect of Green Supply Chain Management on Marketing Performance of Unilever Nigeria PLC

Omodafe U. Philomena (PhD) Onobrakpeya Stanley Akpevwe Kaine, Fidelis Ossai

Bayesian Estimation of Correlated Error Variables in Binary Logistic Model

Onatunji Adewale. Paul, Binuyo Adeyemi Olukayode, Olalude Oladapo A, Amzat Kafayat Temitope and Ajao Olutunde Michael

School Based Assessment Practices Among Primary School Teachers

Ajogbeje, O. James, Boris O. Olufunke and Omoya, Olawale

Sustainability of Farmers Producer Companies A Literature Review

Lalit Prasad, E Revathi, Arifa Sultana

Study of Loan Prediction using Various Machine Learning Models

Monika Kumari, Khyati Kocchar, Ajay Kumar Yadav

Regenerative Healing of Periapical Lesion Using Amnoitic Membrane: Review of Literature

Dr. Roma Mascarenhas Dr. Shreya Hegde

Analysis of E Learning Platform Utilization and Business Education Curriculum Content Delivery in River State Universities (RSU), Nigeria

Atah, Cletus Akpo1 *Akeke, N.G. Mercy1 *Ushie, Godwin Beshibeshebe.2 *Nwannunu Blessing Iheoma3*Anthony, Godwin Bullem2 *Olabisi, Bella Charles2 Nnaji, Emeka S.3 *Udayi Eucharia Alorye A. Ogar3 *Wonah, F. Aduma3 *Aderibigbe Samson Akinwumi4 *Antho

An Investigation of HRD Practice in Selected Private Sector Milk Processing Organisations in Nashik Region

Dr. Sambhaji V. Mane

Digitalization of Business Education Curriculum for the 21st Century Global Relevance in Nigeria

Atah, Cletus Akpo1 *Akeke, M.N.G1 *Eunice N. Ajuluchukwu1 *Aderibigbe Samson Akinwumi2 *Wonah, F. Aduma3 *Udayi, Eucharia Alorye A. Ogar2 *Nwannunu, Blessing Iheoma2 *Olabisi, Bella Charles3 *Anthony, Godwin Bullem4 *Ititim, Donatus Ugbadu5 *Godwin

Assessment Competency Required Of Classroom Teachers. The Differential Effect of Teachers Characteristics in Public Secondary School

Ofem Usani Jospeh Ph.D Anake , Paulina Mbua Ovat Syliva Victor Udeh , Maryrose Ify Anyin, Nnyenkpa Mbuah Abuo Cyril bisong Undie Roseline Anyiopi Akpo Cletus Attah

Biomechanics of Ergonomic Furniture Design: Integrating Physics, Biology and Home Science for Improved Posture and Well being

Ighrakpata, F. C, Akpaokueze, T N, Ukpene, C. P & Molua O.C

National Security and Sustainable Economic Development: The Role of Vigilantees (Community Policing) Schemes in Nigeria

1Prof. Kenneth Amechi, Ife 2Prof. Sergius Nwannebuike., Udeh 3Ugwu, James Ike, Ph.D 4Odo, John Onyemaechi, Ph.D

Mitigating the Negative Effect of Perceived Organizational Politics on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Moderating Role of Political Skill in Ethiopian Federal Public Service Organizations

Addisu Debalkie Demissie, Abebe Ejigu Alemu, AssefaTsegay Tensay

Determinants of Proactive Work Behavior: Mediating Role of Motivational State

Mr. Woretaw Chanie Dr. Solomon Melese Prof. Assegid Demesie

Social Media Promotion of Citizens Awareness and Knowledge of the Provisions of Violence against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Act in Nigeria

Adaeze Victory Anumadu, Joseph Oluchukwu Wogu, Ify Lilian Ojiegbe, Obiageri L. Oduh.

Breaking Barriers: Advancing 5-Flucytosine Delivery with Hydrogel Formulation 1Mallamma T,

Megha V R , Keerthana M R , Sahana K, Sowmyashree N, Nikitha R

Socio Economic Environment and Social Entrepreneurship Among Unemployed Graduates of Federal Universities in South East, Nigeria

Onu Abara; Ogbo, I. Ann; Udoh, Ben Etim; Chia, Innocent I.

Path to Understand Research Methods and Scientific Language

Pelekeh H. Tapang

Liberal Democracy is not Democracy: Neoclassicism Politics Perspectives

Pelekeh H. Tapang

Green Orthodontics: An Eco friendly Perspective in Dental Practice

Anupriya Srivastava, Sanchit Pradhan

Dynamic Analysis for Future Prediction of Bit coin Return, Evidence from ARCH Model Using Select Macro Economic and Financial Variables in the US Market

Kavitha A Karkera & Dr. P Sudarkodi

Relationship between Mental Health and Quality of Life of Teachers Teaching in Government, Madarsa and Private Schools

Dr. Shafeeqa bano

Ethno religious Conflicts and Socioeconomic Well being of Internally Displaced persons in North Central Nigeria

Innocent Igbadoo Chia, Rev Dr Anthony Aniagbaoso Igwe, Abara Onu, Dr Ben Etim Udoh, Tamunomoni Animigha Brown, Philip Aondona Ahungwa

Examining Carbon Emissions in Building Materials: A Case Study of Government Buildings in Pokhara Metropolitan City

Samir Bhattarai, Prof. Madhav Prasad Koirala, Ph.D

Web 2.0: A Positive Impact on English Language Learning

Luo Shuchang

Water Quality Assessment of Ground Water in the Villages of Sirkali Taluk, Mayiladuthurai District, Tamilnadu

S. Chitra and D. Devanathan

"Stress and Coping Strategies among International Filipino Educators: A Global Exploration"

Roben S. Jaco, LPT, PhD Michael T. Sebullen, LPT, CFP, PhD Rabert Allatiw Lorenzo, LPT, MaEd

An IoT based Smart Home Automation System and Safe Home 2.0

Dr. Nookala Venu & Dr. A. Arun Kumar

Motion Based Message Conveyor for Disabled Patients using IoT

Dr. Nookala Venu & Dr. A. Arun Kumar

Smart Agriculture forming and Monitoring Using IOT based Sustainable Technology

Dr. Nookala Venu & Dr. A. Arun Kumar

Academic Dishonesty in Nigerian Higher Institutions of Learning

O. J. Ajogbeje, O. O. Boris & U. E. Ekiugbo

Imperatives of Remittances and Economic Growth: Evidence from Sub Saharan Africa

Aseh Victor, Lum, Njie Immaculate and Dinka'a Adrain Yebit ,Charles Osondu Manasseh ,Josaphat Uchechukwu Joe,

Phytoremediation an Approach towards Management Practices of Fly Ash Dumpsite

Aditi Jana

Impact of National Food Security Mission (NFSM) in Improving Agriculture Productivity of Selected Crops in Andhra Pradesh

Ch. Padalu and G. Nagaraja

A Study of Reconstructing Cartoon Expressions in Picture Books A Study on Childrens Expression Recognition

Chen Menglin, & Yu-Che Huang

Do Luxury Hotels CSR Actions Influence Luxury Customer Behaviors in Africa? Insights from the Nigerian Hospitality Industry

Prof. Agbaeze Kalu Emmanuel, Dr. Apreala Solomon Ebiladei , Dr. Mba Ike Nnia , Dr. Imhanrenialena Ogbemudia Benedict

The Odyssey of Holistic Siddha Medicine System towards Universal Acceptance: The Panacea in the Pursuit towards SDG3

Dr. P. Vaijayanthi , Sivarama krishnan M., Dr. Vinodhini R.L.

Impact of National Food Security Mission (NFSM) in Improving Agricultural Productivity in Andhra Pradesh (A Case Study of Selected Districts of NFSM Paddy Crop in A.P)

Ch. Padalu, & G. Nagaraja

Self-Esteem: An Inquiry for Improving Employability of ODL Students

Dr Hitendra Singh Rathore & Anshoo Rajvanshi

Basketball Programs in Hebei Province China

Zhang Shuai & Marcelino M. Agnawa Jr

Online Retailing Preference and Profitability of Small and Medium Retailers in Tier II Towns in India

Dr. Shreenivasan K.A. Pranavnath Sankara Narayanan, Dr. Vinodhini R.L

National Security in the Face of Terror: A Comparative Study of Domestic and International Threats in India

Dr. P. Vaijayanthi, Kaustubh Balaji., Dr. Vinodhini R.L

Demand and Supply of Primary School Teachers in Ekiti State

Adu Ebenezer Taiwo & Ajayi Oyedokun Samuel

A Retrospective Study of Student Related Factors Affecting Academic Performance of Undergraduate Medical Students at KIMS and RF, Amalapuram, India

Dr. Adabala N V Veerraju Dr. Telagareddy Divya Jyothi , Dr. Boda Narayana Rao, Dr. Anand Acharya

Fair Trial Issues in International Crimes Jurisdiction: In the Case of Absentia Trial with Reference to the Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunals

Md Ataur Rahman

Whether the Human Resource Economic System is possible, As Well As Being an Advanced Economic System compared to Capitalism and Socialism

Gulshan Vats

An Analysis of Middle School Teachers Perspectives about Impact of HRM Practices on Enhancing Teaching Skills

Shilpa Sethiya & Dr. Gauri Chauhan

Women Empowerment and Modern India: A Feminist Impression

Krittika Das

Sociological Challenges of Yoruba Spiritualties and values in Nigeria: A Contemporary Opportunities for the Development of Research in Africa

Rotimi Odudele (Ph D)

Artificial Intelligence for Human Disease Prediction

Shweta Marulkar , Bhavana Narain & Rajiv kumar Mente

Exposure and Attitude towards Media Messages on Cardiovascular Diseases among Men in North-Central Nigeria

Baba Musa Gbage, Nnayelugo Okoro, Michael O. Ukonu, Chidiebere A. Nwachukwu, Chinwe C. Okpoko

Effect of Online Shopping on Consumer Buying behaviour of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Delta State, Nigeria

Ovie Emakpor Asagba, Shedrack Chinwuba Moguluwa ,Achi David Achi

Culture and Cultural Differences in the Purchase Behaviour of Consumers in Niger Delta, Nigeria

Augustine Ogheneovo Atiti And Shedrack Chinwuba Moguluwa

Counterfeit Brands and Consumer Purchase Intention for Smartwatches in Warrimetropolis Delta State, Nigeria

Stanley Akpevwe Onobrakpeya, Shedrack Chinwuba Moguluwa

Mediating Effect of Hedging on the Association between Risk Asset Management and Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in Cameroon

Arzizeh Tiesieh Tapang; Euphrasia Ebai-Atuh Ndi

Breaking Down Psychological Dimensions, Bias, and Stereotypes in Female Authorship

T. R. Rinemol & T. Sowmya

Catalysing Sustainable Development: Exploring Impact of Workforce Mobility on Performance of Financial Institutions in the North/South West Regions of Cameroon

Essem Gordon Ubebah, Anthony Igwe, Kesuh Jude Thaddeus, Innocent Igbadoo Chia

Accounting Information and Market Value of Listed Agricultural Firms in Nigeria

Capntan Philemon Mbakbuin, Professor BABAJIDEA. Abiola, Professor EKWEC. Michael., SILIYA Pedkuna Queenta, OGABA Moses, IGODO Winner Ayanate

Internet of Things Integration and the Significance of Block Chain Security

Kadiyarapu Papayamma, Varanasi Avinash, Marrapu Aswini Kumar

Igala Stories: A Case for Cultural Identity Mapping for Development

Ejiga Opaluwa, Tokie Laotan-Brown, Oludare J. Obaleye, Asaju A. Opeyemi, Oluwatoyin A. Sogbesan

Energy Storage Technologies and Their Economic Implications in Nigeria

Molua, O.C, Ighrakpata, F C, Ukpene, A.O & Egheneji, A

Analysis of Falling Standard of English Language Usage Among Nigerian Journalists

Tsebee Asor Kenneth (Phd)

Online Dispute Resolution- An Undeniable Impetus For Pervasive Embracing of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Dr. P. Vaijayanthi, Ms. Krutha Janani M, Mr. Shailendar K

The Writing Performance of Calligraphy Education in Zaozhuang Under the Innovative Teaching Mode of Information Technology

Zhu Qirui & Lety C. Epistola

Experimental Study of Compression Reinforcement on Doubly Reinforced Beam

Snehal B.Walke and Ajit N. Patil

Research on the Problems of Social Part-Time Job of Physical Education Teachers in Colleges and Universities in Shijiazhuang


Community Involvement in School Bullying Prevention; Elementary Teachers Perception

Dr. Apollo A. Endrano & Elizabeth P. Dela Cruz

Do Fiscal Autonomy Options Impact Healthcare Delivery in Nigeria?

Eyam, Nkang Enighe, Awara, Felix Eke, Joseph Nsebe Ndome Malachy Ugbaka, Ayodele Oluwafemi, Ayodele Solomon Olusiyi, Nwokoye Mathew Okechukwu, Ogbonna Emmanuel Chukwuma, and Onwuka Irene Nkechi

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) in the Management of Orofacial Pain Disorders- An Updated Review

Dr. Gajapriya, Dr. M. Preethy, Dr. Deivanayagi .M , Dr. Mukundh Chaitanya

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management and Environmental Sustainability in Ado-Ekiti Metropolis in Ekiti State, Nigeria

Dr. Adeniji Olawale Aladelokun

A Study of Public Belief in Maternity Benefit Provisions in PMMVY among Pregnant Women & Lactating Mothers in Haryana

Nisha & Vinod Kumar Bishnoi

Acquisitions of Urban and Suburban Open Spaces/Lands for Non-Agricultural Uses “A Poverty of Food Security Strategy” in Emerging Urban Centers of Developing Countries (A Case Study of Okene Urban and Suburban Areas, Central Nigeria)

Onimisi Hassan Abu

Evaluation of Audiences Knowledge, Attitude and Response towards Social Media Messages on the Covid-19 Vaccine among Social Media Users in South-east, Nigeria

Abonyi, Solomon Emeka, Odenigbo Cynthia Ifeoma & Professor. Nnanyelugo Okoro

Dignity Therapy in Terminal Illness: A Systematic Review

Temiloluwa Arotiba, Oluwatomilola Adewunmi, Olusegun Adeeko, Deborah Olarinde, Gbadebo Adejumo, Ayotunde Elegbeleye, Pamela Amadi-Frank & Benedict C.E. Agoha

Influence of Six Weeks Eye Exercise Program on the Severity of Digital Eye Strain Among Primary School Students

Madhanagopal Jagannathan, Hani Jameel Mohammad Hamad, Zaher Al-bashabsheh, Stephen Yong, Christina Gellknight, Fuad A Abdulla

Social Enterprise Model of Terracotta Artisans: Spinning Wheel of Sustainable Development and Cultural Preservation: Factor Analysis of OFPO Artisans in Gorakhpur

Prabhu Narayan Srivastava, Dr. Vikas Deepak Srivastava,

Unlocking the Future of Pharmaceuticals: AI Techniques in Drug Discovery

Dr. Chandan Adhikari

Online Shopping Habits of College Teachers in Haryana: A Study

Dr. Sewa Singh Bajwa and Virender Singh

Challenges of Funding and Real Estate Project Delivery in Nigeria

Echeme Ibeawuchi Ifeanyi and Moneke, Uchenna Ugochi

Utilizing Plastic Waste in Bituminous Concrete for Flexible Pavement Construction

Vikesh Rathore, Dr. J. S. Chauhan, Dr. Pramod Sharma

Problem of Social Conformity in the Novels of Aravind Adiga

Barun Kumar Jha

A Conceptual Understanding of Professional Dispositions and its Significance in the Pedagogical Practices at Tertiary Level of Education

Naznin & Sachin Chauhan

Histopathological Changes in Liver, Kidney, Lungs, and Heart Due to Agricultural Poisons

Dr. Srinivasa Reddy P, Dr. Suresh T N, Dr. C V Raghuveer, Dr. Raveesh A

Eco-Labelling Strategies and Customers Purchase Intention for Non-Alcoholic Beverages in South-South Nigeria

Atiti Ogheneovo Augustine & Chuka, U. Ifediora

Digital Marketing and Customers Purchase Intention of Smart Phones in South-South Nigeria

Asagba Emakpor Ovie & Geraldine, E. Ugwuonah

The Role of Stakeholder Management on Project Success in Selected World Bank Financed Projects in Somali Region

Dr. Abdi Ahmed Hasan, Abdifitah Abdullahi Abdi, Dr. Perways Alam

An analaysis of the Effect of IFRS on Earnings Management Based on the Quality of Published Financial Information in Nigeria

Temile Sunny. Oteteya (phd) Akan David Chucks (fca, phd) Charity Etor

Research Integrity among Early Career Researchers in Public Universities. Any Hope for Reproducibility in Nigeria with Mentorship Practices?

Ofem Usani Jospeh, Melvina Amalu Anake , Paulina Mbua, Achi Ndifon Bekomson Ovat, Sylvia V. , Nwogwugwu Chidirem , Undie Roseline Anyiopi , Okpechi Philip Abane ,Udeh , Maryrose Ify

Coverage of COVID-19 Pandemic in Five Selected Newspapers in Nigeria

Anyakoha Belinda.U., Cookey, Ibiere.T., Ugwu Alphonsus c., Odenigbo Cynthia.I, Ogbonna Alozie.C & Wogu Joseph.O

Implementation of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship: The Case of Hadiya Hossanna Football Club, Hadiya Zone, Ethiopia

Biruk Hundito (PhD) & Tesfaye Boke (PhD)

Transport Management with Intelligent Transportation Systems for Public Transportation in Bhopal Smart City

Mann Yadav, Dr. Rajeev Jain, Sanjay Saraswat

Developing a Frame Work towards Effective Open Innovation in Tech Startups: Proposal Development

N. P. Samarasinghe, T. C. Sandanayake & G. D. Samarasinghe

Current Situation of Performance Pay Satisfaction of Chinese University Teachers - A Survey of N Universities

JunJun Zhou & Gemma M. Perey

Vocational Mentoring on Practical Skill Engagement: The Mediating Role of Vocational Identity and Practical Skills Motivation Beliefs

Agbogidi Ogheneakpobor Goodnews & Chinyere Theresa Ogbuanya

Management Practices and Leadership Competence in Financial Sector: The Case of Privet Commercial Banks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dr. Biruk Hundito Lodebo

A Study on the Problems of Sports Commitment and Athlete Satisfaction of Oromia League Football Clubs In Case of West, East and Horro Guduru wollega Zones, Ethiopia

Dr .Biruk Hundito

Effect of Audit Committee Characteristics on Tax Aggressiveness of Listed Financial Firms in Nigeria

Salisu Saad, Onoja E. Emmanuel, Akubo Daniel

The Effect of Organizational Environment on Innovativeness, Diversification and Research and Development – A Study of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

Ashaawari Datta Chaudhuri, Anindita Basu, Tamal Datta Chaudhuri

Implementation and Challenges: Art and Design Curriculum Reconstruction Based on OBE in the Context of Industry-Education Integration.

Wang Xueru & Ramir S. Austria, Ph.D.

The influence of online teaching on the transformation of college classroom teaching

Zheng Wei & Dr. Ramir Santos Austria

A Comprehensive Systematic Review of Artificial Intelligence Applications in Visual Symptom Diagnosis and Prospects of Trataka Kriya Integration

Priyanka Verma, Dr. Rashi Sharma, Dr. N.S.Rajput

The Effect of Leadership Styles on Employees Performance, A Case of Repi Soap and Detergent S.C

Teketel Agafari Ansebo, Dr. Dipak S Gaywala, Dr. Aashka Thakkar, Dr. Bijal Zaveri

Effect of Green Supply Chain Management on Marketing Performance of Unilever Nigeria PLC

Omodafe U. Philomena (PhD), Onobrakpeya Stanley Akpevwe, Kaine, Fidelis Ossai

Efficacy of Locally Delivered 2% Grape Seed Extract on Porphyromonas Gingivalis and Fusobacterium Nucleatum: A Randomized Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial

Dr Seena Thomas, Dr. Savita. S, Dr Anuroopa, . Dr Kirtilaxmi Benachinmardi,

Assessment of the Influence of Sunlight on the Incidence and Geographical Variability of Skin Cancer in West Africa

Molua, O. Collins

Studying the Radioactive Isotopes Present in Drinking Water Sources and Evaluating Their Health Risks

Molua O. Collins

Cruciality of Servant Leadership Behaviours among Departmental Heads At Malaysian Tertiary Institutions

Fung Lan Yong, Melinda Kong, Ming Ha Lee

Attitude of Parents towards the Teaching of Sexuality Education in Secondary Schools in Southern Ijaw, bayelsa State

Iyeke Patrick Okoh (Ph.D)

Carbon Accounting in Nigeria: A Critical Review

Ugwu, James Ike Ph.D Audu, Friday Ph.D Ude, Alexander Onyebuchi Ph.D,

Being well vs doing well: Parental conflicts, Self-esteem and student scholarly learning outcomes in Social studies Classroom

Akporhuarho, Ochuko Stella & Emudianughe, Emuobome Rachael

Airway Evaluation Using Ultrasound for Predicting Difficult Intubation

Dr Vishma K, Dr Nagesh B, Dr Prithi J, Dr Sunil B V

Macroeconomic Dynamics and Unemployment in Nigeria: The Moderating Role of Government Expenditure

Eunice O. Akhigbe1, Ese Urhie2, Ebenezer I. Bowale3

An Exploratory Study on Trade Credit Management and Firm Profitability

Babajimi-Joseph Adekemi, Ogunnaike Olaleke, Kehinde Oladele, Perez Ayorinde

Clinical Significance of FNAC in Diagnosis of Pediatric Cervical Lymphadenopathy

Suganya R1*& Sivaprasath P2

Influence of Media Reportage of Flood Management on the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Residents of South-South Nigeria

1Boniface Ossai Onyedi, 2Joseph Oluchukwu Wogu

The Role of Government Policies on Industrial Growth and Performance in India for Public Sector Enterprises

Roshan Baa, Dr. A.K. Chattoraj

Health Outcomes, Poverty and Economic Growth In Sub-Saharan Africa: A Cross-Sectional Augmented Autoregressive Distributed Lag Approach

Chukwuedo S. Oburota1, Felix A. Eke1, Friday B. Agala1& Ihuoma C. Eke1

Corporate Governance and Economic Growth in Nigeria: The Role of Monetary Policy

Jude U. Nwafor*, Felix Awara Eke**,IhuomaChikulirim Eke**, Chukwuedo Susan Oburota**,Margaret OnwanyiOnoyom**, and Frances Ngozi Obafemi

Assessment of Housing Infrastructure on the Residents Well-being in Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria

Odekunle Folasade Jokotade, Adewole,Hakeem.A, Adebayo Gabriel Olabisi, Owolabi Muhydeen

Determination of the Funding Options for Real Estate Project Delivery in Nigeria

1Echeme Ibeawuchi Ifeanyi and 2Moneke Uchenna Ugochi

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