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The Prevalence of Good governance in Urban Land Administration System of Assosa Town, Benishangul Gumuz Region, Ethiopia

Abebe Zeleke Senbeta & Muleta Brhanu

The study assessed the prevalence of good governance in urban land administration system of Assosa town. Descriptive research design was used. Mixed approach of research was employed. Both primary and secondary sources of data were used. A simple random sampling technique was used. The study comprised 407 total house hold respondents of Assosa town. A descriptive method was employed to analyze data collected through structured questionnaire. Five governance indicators were used to assess the prevalence of good governance in urban land administration system of Assosa town, and none of them found to be inspiring. Thus, it is recommended Assosa city administration should ensure transparency, accountability, equity, and efficiency and effectiveness, as well as promote public participation in its urban land administration system of Assosa town.  

Economic Impact of Poultry Disease on Village Chicken production in Ethiopia

Simachew Dubale

Village chickens contribute more than 98% of the total meat and egg productions in Ethiopia. Poultry diseases are considered to be the most important factor responsible for reducing both the number and productivity of chickens and the farmers face huge economic losses throughout the year. The main objective of this study was to assess the economic impact of poultry disease, and its impact on household income, and dietary diversity. The study relied on both primary and secondary data sources of information. The primary data was collected from 152 samples both affected and none affected households. In this study, descriptive statistics, costs and returns analysis, and econometric models were used to analyze the data from households. From the total number of sample households 53.3 percent affected by poultry disease. Only 38% and 23.46% of households affected farm households had access to government veterinary health centers for the treatment of sick poultry to curb the fatal disease for none affected and affected households respectively. The total, cost was estimated at Ethiopian Birr 122836.5 and 105612.5, respectively, for affected and non-affected farm household, and the total return was estimated at 8606.25 and 47880 Ethiopian Birr, respectively for affected and non-affected farm households. The study found that due to poultry disease outbreak an average economic loss was determined 3433.3 Ethiopian Birr for each household. On average, the country incurred an economic loss of 1.58 Billion Ethiopian Birr (US$ 37.656 million) per annum. The household’s dietary diversity, showing the score for affected 7.03 and non-affected 9.56 meaning that the affected farm households had consumed less amount than the non-affected farm families. The multiple regression model output shows that age of households, family size, knowledge of poultry disease, training on poultry disease, and access to vaccination significantly affected the income of the household. Thus, control of diseases should be achieved through vaccination and improvement in veterinary and advisory services.  

Innovation and firm’s sustainable advantage: a study of the telecommunication industry in Nigeria

Solomon Adejare Babarinde

The relationship between innovation and firm’s sustainable advantage in Nigerian Telecommunications Sector is investigated in this study. The study’s aim was to assess the contribution of specific service offerings on firm’s sustainable advantage in the Nigerian Telecommunication Industry. The system of descriptive survey was used. The primary data source was self-administered from 286 respondents who were staff of four randomly selected GSM firms (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and 9MOBILE) in Lagos State, Nigeria. At a significant level of 0.05, the hypothesis was tested using linear regression. The results of the analyzed data indicate that telecommunication firms’ specific service-offer led to the telecommunication industry’s sustained growth in Nigeria. By this finding, the study concludes that there is a substantial relationship between innovation and firm’s sustainable advantage in the Nigeria’s telecommunication sector. To enjoy increasing market share, it is important that telecom firms build new product-designs. It was further recommended that Nigerian telecom firms should dissociate themselves from product counterfeit and should steer towards developing product offers that are highly innovative in the industry  

Management of Contracts for Durable Concrete Structures

Dr.A.Paulmakesh a Gizachew Markos Makebo b

Concrete meets the needs of sustainability in terms of economic, environmental, and social considerations. The material itself provides a wide range of benefits, including acoustics, vibration, fire, thermal mass, durability, security, sustainability, air tightness, and flood resistance. For many years, the vast majority of concrete structures around the world have performed satisfactorily, but progress has not been without its challenges. Quality control has deteriorated over time due to the use of poor quality ingredients, uncontrolled use of water in terms of both quality and quantity, poor quality shuttering, poor or no compaction, and inadequate curing. There is also a decline in the level of standard skill among the Artisans as well as those who supervise and accept the works. While older structures can serve adequately, newer constructions are showing signs of distress within a couple of years of completion. It is past time to pay closer attention to the fundamental issues. At the moment, attention is primarily focused on environmental attack, which is significantly reducing the lives of many concrete structures around the world, in many cases due to reinforcement steel corrosion. Deterioration of recent concrete structures has been observed at relatively faster rates, and has been attributed primarily to cracking.  

Rural teachers’ perceptions on challenges and solutions of inclusive education in Zimbabwe rural primary schools

Munyaradzi Chidarikire (PhD)

This article interrogated the phenomenon of rural teachers’ perceptions towards challenges and solutions of inclusive education in Zimbabwe rural primary schools. Ubuntuism/ Unhuism theoretical lens was used to interrogate rural teachers’ perceptions on challenges and solutions of inclusive education in rural primary schools. Furthermore, this is a qualitative study located in the broader space of transformative paradigm. We used Participatory Action Research to generate data from the participants. A purposive sample comprising ten primary school teachers from Gutu rural district in Zimbabwe were selected for this study. Data were generated through focus group discussions as participants responded to two questions: what are the challenges facing inclusive education in Zimbabwean rural primary schools? and how can inclusive education be enhanced in rural primary schools? Then generated data was divided into two themes and analysed through Critical Discourse Analysis’s three levels namely: textual, discursive and social practice. This paper found that lack of resources such as lack of qualified inclusive education teachers militate against success of inclusive education in rural primary schools. Consequently, this article recommended that, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary schools should deploy competent and qualified inclusive education teachers in rural schools  

Violence and Insecurity along Contentious Boundary Areas between Oromia and Benishangul-Gumuz Regional States: Police Reform Options under Federal Constitution of Ethiopia

Habib Jemal

In the Western part of Ethiopia, there are contentious boundary areas along the Benishangul - Gumuz Regional State and Oromia National Regional State. The areas are the center of people's insecurity, human rights violations, and conflict. This study argues that irrespective of the cause of the violence, the contribution of people, and the pattern of ethnic cleavage in the area, prevention of violence and conflict is the duty of government, importantly the police. The purpose of this study was to identify the police organs reorganization reform approaches based on the FDRE Constitution. To this end, the study used secondary data. The legal and theoretical analysis is the major analysis method. The study has revealed the need of reform police service, organization in controversial boundary areas, to avoid ineffective and partial policing. The constitution also allows the provision of full-fledged police service by federal government police institutions. the constitution has another police reform option to avoid partiality, the constitution allows the provision of coordinated police service between federal-regional, regional-regional, and federal-local. Finally, to stabilize, counter human rights violations and insecurity in controversial boundary areas, the study recommends both the Federal and Regional governments to undertake cooperative works towards reforming the police in line with the above schemes enshrined under the supreme law- FDRE Constitution.  

A study on customer preference and satisfaction towards share - auto services

P.Preetha K.B.Haritha Dr.K.Vijaya Venkateswari Dr.V.Seetha

Transportation services play a significant role in an individual’s everyday life. Most of the people are dependent on the public and private transport services for better accessibility to school, colleges, office, market etc. The movement of the people is also more, and so, many including students, prefer not to wait for buses and opt instead to take share auto-rickshaws.A common sight in many cities in Tamil Nadu is nearly a dozen men and women cramped into a regular auto-rickshaw masquerading as a ‘share auto’. People largely rely on share auto-rickshaws as there are fewer bus services in many places. Share-auto services are playing an alternative role to the public transports in many places. There is achanging scenario of customer preferences in the selection of transport services within the city or town. Service quality can also characterise the customer demand and preferences. The main objective of this paper is to study the customer preference towards the share-auto services.  

Education Accessibility and Impact on the Tribal Girls of Mayurbhanj District, Odisha

Jayanti Singh Kerai and Dr. Birendra Suna

The Constitution of India with its Article 45 provides free and compulsory educationand Article 46 has made education as state subject. It defines free and compulsory education until complete the age of 14 years. In 1947 to still now the government has been working on education via various schemes and programmes and made special provision for girls and particularly tribal girls. The 86th Constitutional Amendment Act made education a fundamental right for all children in 2002. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, a law to enable the implementation of the fundamental right, was passed by Parliament. Both the Constitutional amendment and the new law came into force from 1stApril 2010. The education of tribal people and girls are not been achieved so far because of many reasons. There are many students enrolled in the primary and secondary schools but it is a doubt that half of the children of the secondary hardly complete their education because of many reasons. This paper discusses the problems of tribal girls’ education of Mayurbhanj District.The data for this paper are collected from different sources like primary and secondary school from the districtand data included census reports.  

Locus of control and depression: Relationship and impact: An empirical study on Indian students

J. Pujitha

Background: There is a clear connection between external locus of control and depression, according to research. There has been little if any, research is available on locus of control and depression in Indian socio-cultural background.   Aim: This study investigates the relationship between locus of control and depression among Indian undergraduate students.   Methods: A self-administered questionnaire with the Levenson's multidimensional locus of control scale, the Beck Depression Inventory-II, and demographic questions was given to a sample of 192 students. Descriptive statistics, standard multiple regression analysis were used in the data analysis.   Results: 47.3 percent of the 192 participants had low (minimal) depression, 23.4 percent had mild depression, 18.0 percent had moderate depression, and 11.3 percent had extreme depression. Students who believed they had control over their lives were less likely to have depressive symptoms, while students who believed their lives were influenced by chance (r = 0.45, p = 0.000) or influential others (r = 0.40, p = 0.000) were more likely to have high depression scores. Internal and external locus of influence and age explained 31% of the variation in depression scores; gender had no significant impact on depression levels.   Conclusion: The findings of the study highlight locus of control as one of the cognitive variables linked to depression. More research is required to figure out how to resolve locus of control in the treatment and prevention of depression in the university setting    

Nigerian Press Coverage and Audience Perception of Inter-Border Migration Conflict and Development of West Africa

Blessed Frederick Ngonso, Ph.D

The Press plays a key role in national and international issues by bringing them up to the front burner of public opinion. As fourth estate of the realm,the press is expected to be a necessarypartner in the reportage of migration-conflict and developmentof West Africa in order to inform, educate,and persuade the people on the part they should play. It has been noted that one of the most salient features of todayglobalisation’s drive is conscious encouragement of cross-border investments and development, especially by trans-national corporations and firms.  However, some experts have argued that cross- border investments and development is a far cry due to cross-border migrationconflict among some West African States. The study examined Vanguard and The Nation newspapers of October, 2018 to examine the extent of reportageof inter-border migration conflict and its attendant implications on thedevelopment of West Africa. The researcheradopted mixed research methods using content analysis andinterview. The interview was conducted on selected experts in International Relations/Diplomacy, Development Economics,Mass Communication and Political Science who have interest in migration studies. The data from the interview was usedto support the data from content analysis. Four research questions were raised to guide the execution of the study.The finding from content analysis of the study showed that Nigerian press does not give adequate coverage and prominence to the migration issue, this finding was also collaborated with data from interview. The study findings also showed that inter-border migration conflicts has several negative implications on the development of West African States. Such negative development include; Inter-border migration conflict inhibit ECOWAS Protocol on free movement of people and goods.It spreads both socio-political and economic instability in the sub-region.It is the purveyor of insurgency and proliferation of small and medium size arms. The study concludes that Nigerian press has not been able to set agenda on issues bordering on inter-border migration conflict and its attendant implications on the development on West African nations. The researcher recommended that Nigerian press should pay adequate attention to inter-border migration conflict bearing in mind its grave consequences on development of West African nations. This study is anchored on Agenda-Setting theory and Conflict Resolution theory.  


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