Editorial Board



D. Fora (Federal technical school of Lausanne)
J.L. Gafard (University Nice)
J.K. Galbar (University Texas)


Associate Editor:

X. Vence (University Santiago De Compostela)
P. Verley (University De Geneve)
W. Vanhaverbeke (Hasselt University)
D. Archibugi (University of Nottingham Ningbo)
J.B. Zimmermann (Maastricht University)
H. Dumez (Ecole Polytechnique)
A. Ebner (Johann Wolfgang Goethe University)
M. El mouhoud (University Paris)
G. Faure (University Lyon)
A. Fayolle (University of Nottingham Ningbo)
M. Feldman (Indiana University)


Executive Editor:

P.A. Julien (University Nice)
C. Le Bas (University Savoie Mont Blanc)
F. Gallouj (University Lille)
S. Boutillier (Maastricht University)
J. Howells (University of Kent)
L. M. Henriques (Foundation Pourla Science and Technology)
C. Ayerbe (University of Quebec)
M. J. Kahn (Stellenbosch University)
R. Bocquet (University Lyon)
F. Le Roy (University Montpellier)
N. Levratto (University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense)
P. Llerena (University Strasbourg)
F. Louca (Hasselt University)
J.H. Lorenzi (University Paris)
B.A. Lundvall (University Aalborg)
F. Malerba (University Bocconi)
M. Marchesnay (University Montpellier)
S. Mignon (University Montpellier)
J. Molas Gallart (Maastricht University)
F. Munier (University Strasbourg)
C. Perez (University of Nottingham Ningbo)

Board of Advisor:


J. Perrin (University Nice)
Y. Pesqueux (Maastricht University)
P. Petit (University Jena)
F. Picard (University Lyon)
A. Pyka (University Hohenheim)
D. Gallaud (University Jena)
H. Zhou (National Research Council)
J. Hagedoorn (University Littoral)
D. F. J. Campbell (Klagenfurt, Austria)
U. Cantner (University Jena)
E. G. Carayannis (George Washington)
M. Casson (University of Reading)
D. Chabaud (University Avignon)
G. Colletis (University Toulouse)
J. Courvisanos (University Ballarat)
G. Dosi (Anna School of Advanced Studies)
I. N. Dubina (Maastricht University)
J.T. Ravix (University Nice)
J.C. RuanO-Borbalan (Hasselt University)
A. Tiran (University Lyon)




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