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Groundwater Depletion, Food Security and Power Utility in Saharanpur District of Western Uttar Pradesh in India - A Study of Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Farhat Naz, Surabhi Singh


Groundwater depletion has become a serious issue in India as it is the greatest consumer of groundwater in the world. Irrigation in agriculture is a major reason for groundwater extractions in India. The increase in food production due to intensive groundwater pumping and energy usage is linked with treadmill of production theory. Hence, the core objective of the paper is to examine the interlinkages between groundwater depletion, food security, and power subsidies in western Uttar Pradesh through water-energy-food nexus approach.This study sheds light on the problems in the irrigation system and suggests possible solutions which can be carried out by the government and the individual farmers at ground level. The mix of quantitative and qualitative methods such as interviews of farmer and stakeholders were conducted along with Case Studies, Cases, Focused Group Discussions, and Participatory Rural Appraisal to make the studyevidence-based.  

Soft Skills for Curriculum Development towards Classroom Management in Teacher Education Practice in Universities in Nigeria

1Victor Ojorka Akor (PhD); 1Hadiza Alami Musa (PhD) 1Samuel, Mohammed Enefu (PhD); 1Damian Monday Ogwuche (PhD) 2Atuzie Chioma; 1Joseph Ojoniko Ameh; 1Dominic Solomon Ojonugwa (PhD)


The study was soft skills for curriculum development towards classroom management in teacher education practice in universities in Nigeria. It aimed to determine the place of soft skills in curriculum development and how it enhances classroom management. Descriptive survey design was adopted for the study with tworesearch questions and a hypothesis that guided the study. The population was made up of 300 postgraduate students in the Faculty of Education, Prince Abubakar Audu University, Anyigba and Rivers State University, Nkpolu- Port Harcourt. A sample size of 100 postgraduate students was drawn using the proportionate stratified random sampling technique. The instrument for data collection was a 15- item questionnaire which was validated by three experts and it gave a reliability coefficient of 0.83 which was obtained using Cronbach Alpha method. The data collected were analyzed with mean and standard deviation while the hypothesis was tested using Z-test. The findings showed that the lecturers have high level of soft skills and that there is significant difference between the level of soft skills among the lecturers in the north central and those in the south-south. Thus, the following recommendations were made that lecturers should consolidate on the areas of strength in soft skills that they have currently, lecturers should do well to engage in studies and other self-improvement means to be better at areas where they are weak, the students should help the lecturers improve on their interpersonal relationship skills by creating friendship opportunities etc.

Impact Assessment of the Extension and Community Outreach Services in a Higher Education Institution in Baguio City

Dr. Isagani A. Paddit, Ms. Shayana G. Elipane, Mr. Oliver Richard C. Celi


Extension and community outreach services fulfill an organization's corporate social responsibility by assessing livelihood, skills, health, computer literacy, and advocacy programs. Descriptive statistics were employed to assess the impact of the extension outreach program, integrating a 4-point Likert scale with 67 respondents from Barangay Lucnab. The findings show that respondents regarded the success of the program and subsequent assessment of the value and application of community extension services as particularly significant. A finding that transpired in the study is that most respondents had a highly positive response to the computer literacy program, leading to substantial improvements in their capabilities. It recommends that program activities should be aligned with community needs for meaningful impact, and future research proposals should mirror program objectives to assess effectiveness. Furthermore, extension services significantly boost institutional awareness through policy advocacy, fostering relationships and community trust in its outreach programs.

Implications of Folk Songs for Education in Africa

Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu


The study of African songs have moved beyond dispassionate inquiry and the antiquated perspective that considered it a subject fit only for speculation by idle minds. With the present development in the area of African renaissance, acknowledging and claiming the African cultural heritage, the occasion has arisen to once again study African traditional songs to see their contributions towards the development of education in Africa. There are several works investigating African traditional songs from a variety of perspectives, however, the beauty of the present work is the connection it makes between education and African traditional songs. The burden of this work is to study African traditional songs, its dimensions or types and its contribution, particularly, to the area of education. To achieve this, the phenomenological and hermeneutic methods of inquiry were employed. This research discovered that African traditional songs, handed down from one generation to another orally, permeates every facet of African life, and thus occupies a fundamental place in the African traditional educational heritage. It further recommended the employment of African indigenousfolk songsin educational institutions in Africa, more importantly, at the primary and secondary levels. In this way, the African will be taught within categories that he or she understands and appreciates.      

Job Design and Employee Performance in Benue State Civil Service

Dennis Ekpe Ogbu1, Emmanuel Kalu Agbaeze2, *Chris Chukwuebuka Emeali3


The study examined the effect of job design on employee performance in Benue State Civil Service, Makurdi. The specific objectives were, to: determine the effect of task variety on employee productivity in Benue State Civil Service; investigate the extent to which job autonomy affect employee engagement in Benue State Civil Service; and evaluate the extent to which feedback mechanism affect job satisfaction in Benue State Civil Service. The study adopted a survey research design with a total population of 657. Census sampling technique was used, which meant that the entire population was used. However, a total number of 650 duly completed and returned copies of the questionnaire were used for data analyses. The study adopted stratified sampling technique to reach out to the different ministries selected. Regression analysis was used for data analysis at 5% level of significance. Findings revealed that job design had a significant positive effect on employee performance in Benue State Civil Service, Makurdi. The study therefore recommended, among others, that Benue State Civil Service should implement job rotation and enrichment programs to introduce task variety and enhance productivity within the Benue State Civil Service.  

Efficacy of Physiotherapy Intervention for Management of Primary Dysmenorrhoea- A Pilot Study

Smruti Swagatika Dash, Dr. Annie Thomas, Dr. Gyanendranath Dash


Objectives: To evaluate preliminary effects of a structured physiotherapy program on pain and quality of life in women with primary dysmenorrhoea. To assess feasibility of methodological procedures and obtain preliminary data (effect size) to estimate the sample size for a future randomised control trial. Methods: Eighteen women aged 18-25 years were divided into two groups(experimental group and control group) by lottery method. Women assigned to experimental group performed a set of structured supervised exercises for 3 days a week for 8 weeks whereas women in control group were educated with verbal instructions on managing menstrual pain and they continue their own home management. Participants were assessed at the end of 0th week, 4th week and finally at 8th week on the outcome measures of pain (NPRS) and quality of life (SF -36). Results: The study findings revealed that there was a significant difference in the numeric pain rating scale between groups (p=0.001), there was a significant difference in pvalue between all sub-scales of SF-36. Conclusion: A structured physiotherapy intervention helped young women with managingsymptoms of dysmenorrhoea which greatly impacted their quality of life. Their pain levels also came down after completion of the protocol.  

Greater Omentum- A Cadaveric Study on Morphology, Development and Rare Variants of Omental Mass and their Role in Flap Reconstructive and Vascular Surgeries

Venkateshu K V1, Ravikiran HR2, Ashwini N S3


Introduction: The greater omentum, a peritoneal fold resembling an apron, serves diverse functions including fat storage, immune defense through "milky spots," and safeguarding the peritoneal cavity from infections. Despite its clinical importance, inconsistencies in understanding its morphology persist, leading to underexplored aspects. Beyond its role in lymph drainage and infection resistance, the omentum has proven valuable in medical interventions. Pedicledomentoplasty, coupled with skin grafting, effectively addresses antibiotic-resistant osteoradionecrotic ulcers. Recent global studies have revealed the omentum's dynamic physiological nature and therapeutic potential, challenging historical perceptions of its inertness. Materials & Methods: The study aims to investigate the morphology, variations, embryology, and developmental aspects of the greater omentum in 20 human cadavers. The dissection of the anterior abdominal wall was carried out, focusing on exposing the peritoneum to observe the folds of the greater omentum. Results: This study endeavors to comprehensively explore anatomical variations in the greater omentum and rare omental mass, offering updated insights for optimal application in the evolving field of surgery. Conclusions: The detailed examination includes an exploration of the morphology, embryological connections, and clinical significance of the greater omentum. Variations in the greater omentum were also identified. The study is designed to contribute valuable insights to the rapidly evolving field of surgery.  

Appraisal of Ozioma Onuzulike's Stoneware and Terracotta Ceramic Keloids at the March 29 - May 6, 2021 Ko Art Exhibition, Lagos, Nigeria

Alu, Nkem Fortyunes1, Ubah,RitaDoris Edumchieke1 Anikpe, EkenechukwuAnazor1, Aji, Yakubu Stephen2


Ozioma Onuzulike’sceramic keloidsexhibited in 2021 at the Ko art space,Lagos, Nigeria, is the swivel of this content analytical study. The original schedule being: Ngozi Omeje Ezema (Jan 28 - Feb 11), Eva Obodo (Feb 25 - March 11), and Ozioma Onuzulike (March 25-April 8), Onuzulike’s phase later held from March 29-May 6, 2021. 2 genres were identified in Onuzulike’sworks: the ceramic palm kernel shells, and the yam seedlings. The specific objectives were to ascertain:  (i) the genre most prevalent with colouration, stylisation and space integration, (ii) the prevalent calibre of balancing of art elements, (iii) the significance of the genres with Nigerian public issues, (iv) thelucidity ofthe genres for documenting ‘The way we are’, and (v) the most consistent theme with plurality. The study instruments were the:OnuzulikeStoneware and Terracotta Ceramic Keloids Map Questionnaire (OSTCKM-Q), Preliminary Data Desk (OSTCKM -PDD), and Frequency Percentage Rating Desk (OSTCKM -FPRD). Findings revealed the Yam series as most prevalent with colouration, stylisation and space integration; asymmetric balancing is dominant; both genres are significant with Nigerian public issues, and lucidly documents ‘the way we are’. Political themes are the most consistent with plurality.


➡ Papers are invite for publication in 77 Number (June 2024)

➡ Innovations is active Scopus and Scimago indexed journal

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