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RP-HPLC and UV Methods for Simultaneous Estimation of Fixed Dose Combinations of Cinnarizine and Piracetam: Simultaneous Equation, Experimental Design and Statistical Correlation

T.Sudha, M.Pavithra Devi


Abstract : The current study represents the development and validation of UV spectroscopic and HPLC methods for simultaneous estimation of Cinnarizine and Piracetam in their combined formulation by using design of experiments (DoE).  In UV spectroscopy method, Cinnarizine and Piracetam were determined by using simultaneous equation method. Methanol was used as solvent. 250 nm and 229 nm wavelengths were selected for the estimation of Cinnarizine and Piracetam. In RP-HPLC method, three independent factors like; Organic solvent composition, Buffer pH and flow rate was employed. Central composite design (CCD) was applied and also to study the response surface methodology. Capacity factor, Retention time and Resolution were simultaneously optimized by using Desirability function for HPLC method. The proposed RP-HPLC method, the optimized and predicted data consisted of mobile phase Acetonitrile: Orthophosphoric acid (pH 2.8 with Orthophosphoric acid) in the ratio of 40:60% v/v respectively, at a flow rate of 0.7 ml/min and wavelength of 229nm.For UV, the linearity ranges from 4-24 µg/ml for cinnarizine and 80-480 µg/ml for Piracetam. For HPLC, the linearity ranges from 2-12 µg/ml for cinnarizine and 40-240 µg/ml for Piracetam .The optimized both method conditions were validated according to International Council for Harmonisation (ICH) guidelines. The Student’s t-test and Two way analysis of variance (ANOVA) were used to correlate the results of Cinnarizine and Piracetam determination in dosage form by means of UV and HPLC method. The proposed methods can be routinely employed in quality control for the analysis of Cinnarizine and Piracetam in the pharmaceutical dosage forms.  

Diversity of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Pergulariadaemia Pod

1*M.Veeralakshmi, 2R.Kuralarasi and 3R.Muthu


Abstract : Endophytic fungi is the richest source of many bioactive metabolites. It helps  the host plant to improve the nutritional status, pest and disease resistance and physical stress tolerance. The aim of the present study was to separate fungal endophytes from the medicinal plant Pergularia daemiapod and isolate their metabolites. Totally 10 endophytic fungi were isolated and identified as;Alternaria alternate, Aspergillus sps, Mycospharella,  Phomopsis, Cladosporium, Curvularia tuberculata, Fusarium graminaeram, Scytalidum acidophilum, Coelomycetes, Colletotrichum acutatum, Byssochlamys, Phanerochaeta chrysosporium. The highest frequency noted inColletotrichum acutatum(17.1%), the significant changes occur in the colony frequency Alternaria alternate (11%). The colonization frequency is high and it indicates that the diversity of fungal endophytes present in the Pergularia daemia pod.  Thus the resultantpod extract possess the secondary metabolites such as alkaloids, steroids, saponins, taninsand flavonoids. These metabolites shows the anti-inflammatory, anti-viralproperties which are useful in pharmaceutical industry.  

The Effect of Insulance Management on the Fitness-For-Service of Generators, Transformers, Motors and Switch Gears

Sunday Okerekehe Okpighe1*, James Ogagarojo Ovri2


Abstract : A Review of the Effect of Insulance Management on the Fitness-for-service of Generators, Transformers, Motors and Switch Gears is reported. Methods, standards, specifications for assessment of the insulance have been reviewed. Factors impacting on the insulance value have also been noted. And it is considered worthwhile for the proper management of the insulance of electrical assets as this automatically translate to high integrity of fitness-for-service.  

The Objective-Performance-Reward Cycle (Oprc) in Business Management, Manufacturing/Production Function, Engineering Turnaround Maintenance and Project Management

Sunday Okerekehe Okpighe1* & James Ogagarojo Ovri2


Abstract Literature Review and Case Study on the Objective-Performance-Reward Cycle (OPRC) in Business Management, Manufacturing/Production Function, Engineering Turnaround Maintenance and Project Management is reported. Classification of types of objectives was noted. Nature and characteristics of Business Objectives were examined. A streamlined approach for setting Business Objectives was considered. Main methods for collection of performance appraisal data were reviewed and the criteria contamination and criteria deficiency factors were noted. The effects, methods and formula for the computation of Reward for Performance (that is pay for performance, P for P) were also considered and demonstrated with abridged case studies. The benefits and advantages of the OPRC were highlighted.  

Synthesis, Insilico Studies, Pharmacophore Modelling, HOMO - LUMO Gap Analysis, for New 1, 2,3Triazole Appended Piperazine with Anti-Oxidant Activity

Geetha PriyaLoganathan, 1*Dr. Karthickeyan Krishnan2


Abstract: Aim: Our aim is to grow new potent 1,2,3triazole appended piperazine which could find the Anti-oxidant activity. Materials & methods:In-silico design of novel analogues were carried out for fifteen compounds   using Auto Dock Vina by using pdb id: ( PDB id: 1XLY)and compared with standard drug ascorbic acid. Similarly Pharmagist software will be used to analyse ‘parmacophore properties, which   is responsible for a particular biological    interaction.Guassian, Smarten, and Mastroessoftwares  will  be used to find out the HOMO-LUMO gaps which is  used for   examining the kinetic stability. The compounds which have better pharmacophore properties which have greater than 1.5  fitness  and larger HOMO-LUMO gaps   with highest docking score has been selected for the synthesis. We blend a gathering of mixtures containing 1,2,3 - Triazole subordinates collaborating with piperazine related with various primary aromatic amines (Table 1) and to evaluate their anti-oxidant activity.  Five compounds which have highest docking score (Table2) better pharmacophore properties, and larger HOMO-LUMO gaps   (Table 3& Table 4 ) were blended (Table-5) and their Designs were explained with FTIR ,1H NMR,13C NMR, MASS and essential investigation, Conclusion: Anti- oxidant activity was seen in the blended mixtures by utilizing DPPH technique, among this mixtures B1,B5, B11 shows huge enemy of oxidant action and compound B7 &B15 shows apparent enemy of oxidant activity(Table-6).  

An Evaluation of Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies for Addressing Housing Project Challenges in Abuja, Nigeria

Afam Mike Achoru1 & Jonas Ekene Afunanya2


Abstract : Housingis of utmost importance to man, hence the need for its continuous supply. With housing deficit in Nigeria at upwards of 19 million housing units, there becomes a need to ensure effective and efficient delivery of housing and a pivotal way to achieve this is to ensure that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies are employed in housing production to address challenges.The aim of the study was to explore CSR strategies adopted by firms for addressing challenges in housing projects. This study collated CSR strategies from past literature and grouped them into the five-housing project life cycle phases.The study then sampled opinion of professionals in four housing developmentprojects in Abuja, Nigeria so as to determine the potentialsof thesestrategies. The data analysis tools adopted for the study were Mean Rating and Kruskal Wallis Test, respectively. The study found the five key CSR strategiesin addressinghousing project challenges to be: Sketch design to match clients’ requirements; Appoint a credible project manager; Enhance land acquisition and compensation process; plan maintain and control work and project resources andUndertake a feasibility study. Information on the ranking of the CSR strategies will inform project stakeholders on importance of their adoptionduring the course of executing housing projects to address challenges.  

The Religious Significance of Name and Naming in Igbo Cultural Society- A Comparative Analysis of Anambra and Enugu States, Nigeria

Chidimma Jessica, Allison Ngozi Edith, Ekesionye Rosemary Ngozi, Okolo


Abstract : This paper examines the religious significance of name and naming in Igbo cultural society. 12 Participants engaged in the Key Informant Interview (KII) were drawn from two Igbo states of south eastern Nigeria; Anambra and Enugu. Using a descriptive narrative approach, the study revealed that the Igbo name is not just a mere tag or a label, but embodies the rich Igbo religious and cultural values of the people. Igbo names and naming ceremonies have reflected significant religious world views of the Igbo. It serves as a source of identity to the child at one hand, it determines the child’s destiny and behaviors, and had also serve as a means of initiating the newborn into the kingdom of humans, the family, the community, and among others. Unfortunately, these values communicated through Igbo names have been under serious threat in the contemporary times due to factors which include; preference of western-sounding names to traditional names, blending of traditional names with English names, and above all, the rampant use of abridged traditional Igbo names. The recent developments poses a challenge to the sustainability of those values and worldviews of the people often communicated through these traditional names.  

A Study on the Role of Single Sound-based Pranayama in Stress Reduction in Moderately Stressful Individuals Working in a Medical Institution

Sourabh Radhika1, Mohan Aswathy2, Preethy Bhasimon3, Sreedevi K Rajesh3


Introduction Abstract : Stress is a widespread medical condition that has permanently engulfed the human race worldwide in the past few decades.  Thisstudy was focused on measuring the changes in the stress level of moderately stressed individuals working in a medical Institution using a single sound-based pranayama tool called Brahmari Pranayama (Bhr. P). The essence of life is the vital force of Prana. According to Yoga Philosophy, whatever exists in this world is controlled by Prana, the vital force. 5 Similar to energy, Prana can neither be created nor destroyed. It exists along with the soul and diminishes with it. Pranaflows continuously throughout and any distortion in its path leads to ailments or Aamaya. Hence, the correction of Prana in Yoga is done using Pranayama. Brahmari Pranayama (Bhr. P) is a Sound-based Pranayama that is described as one out of eight pranayama Practices in Hatha Yoga. The word ‘Bhramari’ " originated from the Sanskrit word “Bhramaram” which means the black bumble bee with a hissing sound, depicting the process in the pranayama.7. The study's main objective is to find out the immediate role of Bhr. P in moderately stressed individuals after two weeks of regular Pranayama practice, Twice daily.  


➡ Papers are invite for publication in 77 Number (June 2024)

➡ Innovations is active Scopus and Scimago indexed journal

➡ Journal update make in every 15 days