Publication Fee

                                 The author must pay Publication Fee after accepting the research paper, which will mentioned in Acceptance Email, be sure there will be only Publication Fees but no Submission Fees. The editors and reviewers puts much effort in dealing with the manuscript and expects the authors to stick to the common plan of publishing the paper which is linked to Publication Fee at the end of the review process. The Corresponding Author is expected to arrange payments of the amount stated. If the author thinks Publication Fee reduction, this can be discussed and doubt will certainly be addressed.

Due to Covid situation we are subjected to reduced the publication Fees for all researcher.

Corresponding Author is liable to paid Publication Fees behalf of all authors and after paid Publication Fees corresponding author should email the publication fees invoice

There is no author limit upto four authors and more than four author publication fees will be double




Publication Fee:

60 USD (Single Author)
80 USD (Maximum Four Authors)
80 USD (Single author with DOI)
100 USD (Maximum four author with DOI)

Indian Author

4000 INR (Single Author)     6000 INR (Maximum Four Authors)
6000 INR (Single author with DOI)    8000 INR (Maximum four author with DOI)


Indian author pay via UPI. Scan the QR code and make the payment.

Please do not ask about account information and please contact us if you have any problem regarding publication fees.


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