Publication: 2024, Number-67

Farmers knowledge and attitude of the design and lending practices of lenders in Nigeria

Prof. Emmanuel O. Eyo1 & Dr. Innocent A. Asuquo2

The Impacts of Development-Induced Displacement of Persons in Ethiopia: The Dark Side of Addis Ababa Expansion

Wakgari Kebeta Djigsa

Fighting corruption in Nigerian civil service under the fourth republic: the role of EFCC and ICPC

Oluwatobi, O. Adeyemi (PhD)

Life as a Migrant: The lived Experience of Returnee Migrant Children: The Case of Farta Woreda Returnees ; South Gondar Zone, Ethiopia

Aytenew Adamu

An Empirical Analysis of Corruption, Income Inequality and Governance in Africa

Bosede Olanike Awoyemi *, Jane John Mpapalika , Oluwole Aiyegbusi , Ibidapo Adeyiola

Impact of COVID-19 and response measures: The role of multipurpose cooperatives in Ethiopia

Karunakaran R* Dayanandan R** & Roba Huka Dido***

The Effects of Marketing Mix on Customer Satisfaction on Kabul Based Mobile Network Operators

Mahboob -ul- haq Haneef, Dr. C.V.Khanaji Rao and Srinu Setti

Internally Displaced Persons and Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian Constitution

Darasa Abdisa Kuma

Withdrawal of Criminal Charge in Ethiopia: Exploring the role of Courts to protect rights of Accused persons

Darasa Abdisa Kuma

Macroeconomic and Firm-Specific Determinants of Bank Performance: A one-step system GMM dynamic panel model

Yitbarek Takele Bayiley

Assessing Teachers Practices of While-Reading Activities in ELT Classes with Reference to Bule Hora High School

Tsega Andasha Duresso

Social Mediaas an Information Dissemination Armto Promote AgriculturalKnowledge Among Farmers in Time of Pandemic

Yobhel Louisse P. Beltran1, Darwin Dela Cruz2, Danilo S. Vargas3

Investigating the Role of Technology in English Language Teaching: A Case of Afghan Universities

Fahim Rahimi & Professor P. Rajendra Karmarkar

Perceived Influence of the Celebrity Blog on the Political Stand of Development Communication Students

Camilla Jane D. Soliman1, Danilo S. Vargas2, Parsons N.Hail3

The Theory and Practice of Political Transition in the Post-2018 Ethiopia

Birhanu Bitew Geremew & Asabu Sewenet Alamineh

Integration of Labour Rights Issues into Bilateral Investment Treaties: Particular Emphasis to Bilateral Investment Treaties Ratified By Ethiopia.

Elias Tujuba Hota

The Effect of Interactional Justice on Organizational Commitment: The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction

Yilak Alamrew Fentie & Professor N. Kishore Babu

Psychological Well-being (PWB) of Men and Women Employees during Covid-19 Pandemic: The Case of the Philippine Carabao Center

Sonia D. Pol1 and Danilo S. Vargas2

Women Participation in Agricultural Production in Lofepaco in Beni-Lubero, Republic Democratic of Congo

Manyonzo Mwatsi1 Danilo S. Vargas2

Bank Specific Determinants of Non-Performing Loans: The Case of Selected Ethiopian Commercial Banks

Odda Yadeta Dibar & Prof. M. Sandhya Sridevi & Prof. M. Uma Devi

Perception and Attitude of Academic Community Employees Using Computer-Mediated Communication in Information Sharing During the Covid-19 Pandemic

NIkki Ann V. Macabontoc1, Danilo S. Vargas2, Chrysl Avegail N. Vallejo3

The Effect of Innovation Orientation on Employees Creativity and Organizational Culture (A Study on Textile Factories in Amhara Region, Ethiopia)

Minbiyew Mekonnen Dessie & Prof. N. Kishore Babu

Firm, managerial characteristics and internationalization barriers on export performance: a structural analysis evidence from textile and garment enterprises in Ethiopia

Sintayehu Assefa 1*, Prof, Abebe Ejigu 2 and Dr, Gemechu Nemera 3

Determinants of Urban Unemployment and Its Consequence in Ethiopia

Adamu Mulu Ketema *1, Girma Ajebi Yadesa *, Gadisa Worku Hordofa**, Yomif Feye Senbeta**

The effectiveness of arbitration in settling investment disputes in renewable energy contracts

Dr. Ghasanobaid Mohammed Nisreen Hasan Koni

Investigation on Macroeconomic Determinants of Non-Performing Loans: The Case of Ethiopian Commercial Banks

Odda Yadeta Dibar & Prof. M. Sandhya Sridevi

Tax assessment and collection problems of category "c" business income tax payers: evidence from Nekemte city, Oromia, Ethiopia

Adugna Megenasa Biru

Factors Affecting Effective Utilization of Public Funds in Addis Ababa City Government, Ethiopia

Mata Maldaye Masaro & Professor P.Venkateswarlu

Causes of Credit Default Risk & Its Impact on Financial performance of bank. A Case Study on Commercial Banks in Ethiopia

Diriba Girma Abebe

Empirical Investigation on the Impact of Liquidity on bank Profitability: Evidence from Commercial banks in Ethiopia

Diriba Girma Abebe

The Effect of Transformational Leadership Style on Employees Motivation and Organizational Commitment

Tadesse Kabtamu Tefera & Professor B. Mohan Venkata Ram

The Effect of Laissez-faire Leadership Style on Employees, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment

Tadesse Kabtamu Tefera & Professor B. Mohan Venkata Ram

Organizational Politics and Organizational Commitment: The Mediating Role of Work engagement

Abay Tekalgne Chana & Professor J. Ravi

Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Project Performance of Cooperative Bank of Oromia

Beckham Berhanu Mulgeta & Dinkisa Keno Wakene

Teachers' Perception and Practices of Communicative Language Teaching in EFL Classroom: The Case of Four Secondary Schools, West Shoa Zone, Ethiopia

Olansa Duguma Daba & Prof. Rajendra Karmarkar

Teachers' Perception and Use of Context Clue Strategies in Vocabulary Instruction: The Case of Ginchi Grade Ten Secondary School Students, West Shoa, Oromia

Olansa Duguma Daba & Prof. Rajendra Karmarkar

Market Orientation Practices and Its Effect on Performance in case of Basic Cooperative Enterprises in South Gondar Zone

Yissa Hassen Kasim & Kindye Essa Mustofa

Barriers of e-commerce Adoption in Ethiopia; Large and Medium Scale Manufacturing Industries

Kindye Essa Mustofa

Communication Systemin the Implementation of Forest Laws in Caraballo Mountain in Central Luzon,Philippines

Mary Joy Y. Juan and Danilo S. Vargas

A study on the Ras tradition of Manipur

Jyotika Deka & Luna Borah

Analyzing the Techniques of Teaching Speaking Skills in Grade Ten English Textbook

Wubshet Mengistu Mekonnen (TEFL)

Foreign Direct Investments and Industrial Development in Nigeria [1988-2018]

*Njoku, Charles Odinakachi Ph.D & Nwadike, Emmanuel Chijioke & Chukwuemeka, Kamsi Nzube

Occupational Risk Perceptions of Needle Stick Injuries among Nurses: Across sectional study

Shereen Ahmed Ahmed Qalawa

Perceived Organizational Support and Employee Engagement: Mediator Role of Extrinsic Factors of Job Satisfaction

Chandrakant Varma & Dr. Chandrahauns R Chavan

Meat Prices Change Trends in Ethiopia: Focused on Twenty Two Beef and Chicken Markets

Amalo Soga Mago & Professor V. Krishna Mohan

The effect of risk management practice on the financial performance of Ethiopian commercial banks

Aron Abraham Babulo and Professor P.Viswanadham

Assessing the internal factors that hinder the performance of Small and Micro Enterprises in Ethiopia: the case of Ficthe town

Tolossa Dadi Wedajo

Financial Performance Trend Analysis of Micro-Finance Institutions: A case of Oromia Credit & Saving share company, Ethiopia

Berhanu Gemule Korje & Professor P. Viswanadham

Social Media and Travel Websites use on Leisure Traveling Among Millennial

Mark Christopher C.Viuda & Danilo S. Vargas

Analysis of marketing system for garlic traders: in the case of Shashamane and Kore cities in Oromia regional state, Ethiopia

Mr. Desta Feyisa Geda & Professor Hemal B Pandya

Why unbanked? Demographic factors, Awareness and Other reasons

Dinkisa Keno Wakene (PhD)

The effect of emotional intelligence on job performance : A study of commercial bank employees in Amhara region, Ethiopia

Abay Tekalgne Chana & Professor J. Ravi

Coffee marketing system analysis: The case of Gedeo zone, southern Ethiopia

Wendmagegn Belete Debele and B. Lilly Grace Eunice (PhD)

Employee Motivation and Performance: The case of Ethiopia Health Insurance Agency

Geletaw Temeselew Lake & Endashaw Sisay Sirah & Wondimhunegn Atilaw Woldetensay

An Empirical Study of the Long and Short Run Causation between Being without a job and Inflation in Ethiopia

Endashaw Sisay Sirah & Wondimhunegn Atilaw Woldetensay

An Assessment of Beneficiaries Satisfaction Toward Subsidized Sugar and Edible oils Supplies in Hawassa, Southwestern Ethiopia

Amalo Soga Mago & Professor V. Krishna Mohan

Rural households food security status and its determinants in face of climate change and variability in Simadaworeda, Northwest Ethiopia

Workie Mesfin Wale & Getie Derbew Ayalew

Midwifing Democradura or Democracy? Narrating the Administration and Performance of the Election Umpire in the post-dictatorial State of The Gambia

O.O. Ayeni

Strategic banking industry competences and resource management for sustainable development in Nigeria

Andrew Omosioni. Agbada & Casmir Chinemerem Osuji

External and Internal Determinants that Affects the Roles of Principalship in Secondary Schools of Hosanna Town Administration, Ethiopia

Jabe Bekele Hirgo & Dr. T. Sharon Raju

Andrographis paniculate mediated biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles and its antibacterial activity against human pathogens

Yamuna Rama krishanan & Dr.M.Vinothini

Nanotheranostics: a Kaleidoscope to the future -A review

Yesoda Aniyan K

Size, Concentration and Innovative Activities: A Developing World Perspective

Dr. Abdul Waheed

Factors affecting Tax Collection of Category Business Profit Tax payers of selected Oromia Regional State cities, Ethiopia

Berhanu Gemule Korje & Professor P. Viswanadham

Assessment of the Impact of adoption of improved maize variety on commercialization using Propensity Score Matching

Debela Geleta Dibaba (PhD)

The Effects of Supply Chain Management on Customer Satisfaction in Small and Micro Enterprises, Tigray Region, Ethiopia

Gebeyehu Jalu & Dr Gurudutta Japee

Economic Incentives for Environmental Protection: Analysis of Ethiopian Environmental Pollution Control Law

Elias Tujuba Hota

Challenges of Covid-19 pandemic and the road ahead: Evidence from star rated hotels in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Belachew Kassahun Ayele & Lake Abebe Ayele

Effect of Strategic Management Practices on Affective Commitment of Academic Staff in Public Higher Education Institutions of Ethiopia

B. Mohan Venkata Ram & Ali Hussien Edris

The Principle of Non-Discrimination under WTO Regime: Analysis of Like Products in Focus

Mulisa Mergo Bulto

Association between Perception, and Self-Care Practices among Patient with Pulmonary Tuberculosis through Using Health-Belief Model

Dr. Shereen Ahmed Ahmed Qalawa and Dr. Magda Ali Mohamed

Integrated reporting and performance of deposit money banks in Nigeria

Adebawo, Owolabi Olutokunbo. PhD1 & Owolabi, Sunday Ajao PhD2 , Adegbie, Folajimi Festus Ph.D3

IFRS adoption and evaluation of total asset contribution to financial performance of listed insurance companies in Nigeria and South Africa

Adebawo, O. Owolabi PhD. & Adebawojo, A. Oladipupo PhD.

Synthesis, Optimization and Characterization of Bioplastic from Cornstarch Reinforced with Sugarcane Bagasse Cellulose Fiber

Gadissa Mosisa Gobana

Effect of Financial Instability on Economic Growth: Evidence from Selected East and Southern African Countries

Temesgen Furi, Wondafarahu Mulgeta & Badassa Wolteji

Multiple Intelligences and Work Styles

Mark R. Escobar1 & Danilo S. Vargas2

Communicating Behind Bars Under Pandemic (Covid 19) Conditions

Monica G. Buenaventura1 , Parson N. Hail2 & Danilo S. Vargas3

Pandemic Era (Covid-19) and Higher Education in the Philippines Against The World Perspective: A Literature Survey Analysis

Gil M. Parentela1 and Danilo S. Vargas2

Tax Assessment and Collection Problems of Category A Tax Payers: The Case of Gulelle Sub City Revenues and Customs Authority Branch Office in Addis Ababa City Administration

Aron Abraham Babulo (Ph.D Candidate) & Professor P.Viswanadham

The Mediating Role of Perceived Usefulness in Mobile Payment Services Adoption in Ethiopia

Tolosa Dadi1, Didha Bacha2

Determination of the Impact of Working Capital Management on Profitability: An Empirical Study from Manufacturing Firms of Sebeta Town, Oromia, Ethiopia

Shibiru Tade Kidane Jifar

Assess the knowledge regarding food adulteration among house wifes

Mrs. U. Palaniyammal M.Sc (N) & Dr. Mrs. S.Malathi Ph.D (N)

The Paradox of Non-Violent Movement in Covid 19 pandemic era. The study of 2020 #EndSARS# protest in Nigeria

Ogele, Eziho Promise

Natural Flavanones A Target in The Treatment of ADPKD

V. Chitra & T.Naga Varalakshmi

The impacts of company performance in real estate market during the time of Covid-19 pandemic

Zuhal Hussein & Shaimanarisha Kamarudin

Macroeconomic Determinants of Commercial Banks Deposit Growth in Ethiopia: A Panel Analysis

Shibiru Tade Kidane Jifar

Effectiveness of Planned Nursing Interventions on the Management of Menstrual Hygiene among adolescent girls

Dr. (Mrs).S.Malathi Ph.D (N) & Mrs. U.Palaniyammal M.Sc (N)

Assessing Grade 9 Female students Participation in Mixed and Single Sex Groups in ELT Classes with Reference to Beriso Dukale Secondary School

Obsa Kebede Wakuma

Serological screening for toxoplasmosis in antenatal women in a rural teaching hospital

Anupriya A, & Prabhusaran N, Saraswathi R

Use of social media and its impacts on academic performance of female students in Ethiopian Higher Educations: the case of Jimma University

Tolossa Dadi & Mesfin Zewudu

Investigating the relationship between students reading attitude and reading comprehension

Tadiwos Hambamo Makebo & Mebratu Mulatu Bachore (PhD) , Zeleke Arficho Ayele (PhD)

Gender Responsiveness of Jimma University Organizational Culture vs. JU Community Acknowledgment

Asnakech Demissie1 (PhD) & Tolossa Dadi2 (MA) , Bedilu Gebeyehu3 (MBA)

The Principle of Autonomy of Letter of Credits: Its Justifications and Application under the Commercial Code of Ethiopia

Mulisa Mergo Bulto

Analyze of Factor Affecting Development of Primary Agricultural Cooperatives, The Case of Bule Hora District, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Haile Tamiru & Amenu Leta

Analysis of the Structure-Conduct- Performance of Wheat Marketing, The Case of Farta Woreda, South Gondar Zone, Ethiopia

Walelgn Yalew Beadgie

Cooperatives as a Pathway to Economic and Social Development in National Economy of Ethiopia

Walelgn Yalew Beadgie

Effects of Microfinance Services on Clients Socio-Economic Status: A Case of Community Development Microcredit Finance Company Limited (CDM) in Busika, Kalagala, Luwero District, Uganda

Ketty K. Bwambale and Danilo S. Vargas

Human Resource Development Practices and Challenges in Tourism and Hospitality Industry of Ethiopia: Education and Training Perspective

Ayana Fiseha Zeleke , Belachew Kassahun Ayele & Molla Mengesha Sisay

Determinants of Warehouse Management Performance: The Case of Habesha Cement Share Company

Abebayehu Haile & Prof. M. Uma Devi

The effect of open leadership on employees creativity: the mediating role of innovation orientation (a study on textile factories in Amhara region)

Minbiyew Mekonnen Dessie & Prof. N. Kishore Babu

Distributive justice and organisational commitment: the mediating role of job satisfaction

Yilak Alamrew Fentie & Prof.N. Kishore Babu

Evaluation of quality of life of children with haemophilia and their parents coping at haemophilic society: a systematic review

. S.Bhavani , Dr. M. Navaneetha .& Dr. Sr.Mony ,Dr. S. Malarvizhi ,Dr. S.Sujatha ,MS.Saritha

Strategic Management in Ethiopian Public Higher Education Institutions: Assessing the practices and Challenges

Ali Hussien Edris & Professor B.Mohan Venkata Ram

Virtual Call-Out: The Aggressions and Advantages of Cancel Culture

Erika Denise C. Placio, Danilo S. Vargas, & Maria Adrielle S. Estigoy

Pandemic (Covid 19) Lockdown in Kuwait and Human Resource Management Emergency Policy Intervention

Lorna Del Rosario & Danilo Vargas

Experiences of Conflict Resolution in Oromo Gada System as a Framework to Peacemaking in Public Universities in Oromia (Ethiopia)

Solomon Dessalegn Negash

The impact of business environment on firm growth: an explanatory Study of micro and small enterprises in three cities of Oromia, Ethiopia

Eshetu Ayano Tulu & Professor M. Prassada Rao

Monitoring Urban Spatial Growth Using Geospatial Technology

Dr. Aruna Paarcha

Assessment of proportional magnitude on developmental delay among preterm children attending paediatric OPD of selected Hospital of Puducherry

Mrs. Sarasu Dhananjayan, Dr. Sujatha sugumar , & Mrs. Bhavani Sudhagar

The Difference in the Economic Status of Farm FamiliesBefore and After Implementation of Infrastructure Development Projects in the Second District of Nueva Ecija, Philippines

June Vana, Danilo Vargas , Chrysl A.Vallejo ,Pablo Rafael , Parson Hail & Jocelyn Dollente

Business environment requirements and their impact on the growth of entrepreneurship in Iraq

Dr.Wisal Abdullah Husain & Dr. Nagham Hussein Neama

Factors That Influence the Performance of Small Business Enterprises in Bale Robe City

Wondwssen Anberbir Demisse & Prof. M. Uma Devi

Sustainable Tourism Development Practices and Challenges: Evidence from Bahir Dar as a Destination

Belachew Kassahun Ayele & Ayana Fiseha Zeleke & Solomon Mequanent Biwota

The Role of Indigenous Institutions in Conflict Resolution: -Abbagar in Focus, Wollo, Ethiopia

Haile Chuluke Digile & Mengesha Robso Wodajo

Effect of double entry book keeping on small and medium scale enterprises (SMES) in Osun state, Nigeria

Dr. Olaoye, Clement Olatunji & .Ogunleye, Joshua Kehinde

A structural equation analysis of export marketing adaptation strategies on export performance: evidence from textile and garment exporting enterprises in Ethiopia

Sintayehu Assefa 1,*, Professor Abebe Ejigu 2 and Dr, Gemechu Nemera 3

Awareness of police and policing: an inquiry of peoples awareness of crime reporting for crime control in Southern Senatorial Locale of Cross River State, Nigeria

Charles Chukwudi Ezikeudu1*, Chimaobi Okorie2, Felix Onen Eteng 3 , Jonathan Ikechukwu Opara 4

Adjusting to the New Normal: Exploring Alternative Learning Strategies for Development Communication Students

Andrea May C. Malonzo1; Chrysl Avegeil N. Vallejo 2 Danilo S. Vargas 3

Determinants and Sustainable Financing Mechanisms for Participatory Natural Resource Management in North Shewa of Oromia Region, Ethiopia

Teshome Kefale , Toleshi Wakjira

Analysis of Smallholder farmers coffee production efficiency in the Gedeo zone of southern Ethiopia

Wendmagegn Belete Debele and B. Lilly Grace Eunice (Phd)

Effects of Metacognition on the Learning Outcomes of Biology Student sinSecondary School sinDelta State, Nigeria

Chukwuka, Rita Ewere

Determinants of growth orientation: an explanatory study of micro and small enterprises in three cities of Oromia, Ethiopia

Eshetu Ayano Tulu & Professor M. Prassada Rao

Financial deepening and health outcome in Nigeria

*Ugherughe, Joseph Ediri Ph.D.,& Akakabota, Eta Edward Ph.D. and Alagba, Ogheneochuko Samuel Ph.D.

Flexible Working Arrangements (FWAs) in Unstable Times: An Exploratory Discourse on Current Changing Employment Contexts

Austin-Egole, Ifeyinwa Stella1, Iheanacho, J.I.2, Ezeji, N. R.3, & Okafor, Henry, Ikenna4

Hybrid Data Analytics System for Higher Education: A Proposed Model for System Prototype

Ervin L. Rodriguez

The impact of size, age, leverage and capital on profitability of commercial banks in Ethiopia: A panel FMOLS analysis

Kassahun Tafese Keneni (MSc) & Prof. Mohan B. Vankataram (Ph.D)

Impact of Africa Growth and Opportunity Act and Merchandise Exports on the Ethiopian Economy over the long term

1 Endashaw Sisay Sirah (MSc) 2 Wondimhunegn Atilaw Wtensay (MSc) 3 Showkat Ahmad Shah (Dr)

Household Cooking Fuel Choice: The case of Ambo Town, West Shoa Zone, Ethiopia

Takele Abdisa Nikus & Amenu Leta

Ethiopian Constitutional Experience Under Emperor Hailesellassies Regime: Comparative Analysis of 1931 Constitution and 1955 Revised Constitution

Negasa Gelana Debisa

Servant Leadership Practices: A Comparative Study between Government and Private Secondary Schools of Addis Ababa

Habtamu Menber Dilie & Dr. D. Nagaraja Kumari

Determinants of Small Holders Farmers Participation in Agricultural Cooperatives in Case of Lemo Woreda, Hadiya Zone, Ethiopia

Teshome Kefale , Tayech Lakew & Toleshi Wakjira,

Organizational structure and employee performance: evidence from pharmaceutical companies in Anambra state, Nigeria

Ezejiofor, Raymond A. & Ezekwesili, Tochukwu P.

The Relation of Training and Development Programmes and Its Impact on Employees Performance: A Case of Nangarhar- Based Banks of Afghanistan

Hejratullah Adil , Dr. C. V. Kannaji Rao & Aminullah Shinwari

Fertility Issues, labour productivity and economic performance in SubSaharan Africa: An application of dynamic panel data models

Kitessa Delessa Terefe & Mekonnen Bersisa Gadisa

The Nature and Efficacy of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment in Bure Integrated Agro-Industry Park, North-West Ethiopia

Asabu Sewenet Alamineh & Birhanu Bitew Geremew

Impact of Microfinance Institutions on the Livelihoods of Women in South West Shoa Zone: Evidence from Oromia Credit & Saving S.C, Oromia, Ethiopia

Shibiru Tade Kidane

Reliability of time dependent stress- strength system for deterministic cycles


Tourism Destination in Bahir Dar specially Lake Tana Peninsula and Monasteries for Sustainable Tourism Development in Ethiopia

Solomon Mequanent Biwota & Kemal AdemYimam

Identify the Risk of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome among Adolescent Girls in selected Colleges, Puducherry

Mrs. Hemavathi. P & Dr.Malathi. S

Effective Meeting Management Competency a Bedrock to Secretaries Organizational Performance

Muhammad Yahaya Musaa & Kahirol Mohd Sallehb

Acquiescence or Cooperation: Understanding the Administration and Cumulative Expectation of Trade Facilitation Agreement on Revenue Generation in The Gambia

Oluwadare Ayeni & Alhagie K Mbye

Ethnic Political Conflicts in Ethiopia and Its Ramifications on the Neighboring States (1991-2019)

Solomon Dessalegn Negash

Board related corporate governance attribute and Financial Performance: Evidence from selected banks in Ethiopia

Asegid Getachew Woldeamanuel & M. Umma Devi

The Effectiveness of ATM Service in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Bale Goba Branch

Wondwssen Anberbir Demisse & Professor M. Uma Devi

Investigating creative behaviour of employees in IT sector

S. Venkata Narayanan & Dr. S. Jahira Parveen & Dr. Radha Ganesh kumar,

Investigating the Factors affecting Implementation of BSC: a study on Finance Offices in South Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region of Ethiopia

Venkatesh Andavar & Didha Bacha & Srinivasan Senthilvel & Seada Tilahun

Determinants of Household Saving Behavior in Rural Ethiopia: Evidence from Southwest Shoa zone

Obsa Urgessa & Bekele Alemayehu

Numerical assessment with Nusselt number and Reynolds number based on experimental outcomes of cooling in high dense network-on-chip

Dr.S.Kayalvizhi & Dr.K.Tamilarasi & G.Anitha & R.S.Nisha & J. JoslinIyda

Present Social exclusion of tribals-RTE Act. a way forward for social inclusion a deep review on Balangir district

Bhurishraba Majhi & Dr. Sujata Acharya

The Role of the Tiwa Autonomous Council in the development of Women condition in Assam

Manash Jyoti Nath

Factors Affecting Supply Chain Management Performance in Cement Manufacturing Industry: The Case of Ture cement, Ethiopia

Abebayehu Haile & Professor M. Uma Devi

Research Article on: The Implications of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam for the Horn of African states

Mersha Zenebe Felek

Good corporate governance: an empirical study on college staff attitudes in Malaysia and Hong Kong

Yuk Fong Chin, Fung Lan Yong & Melinda Kong

The Bale Peasant Rebellion, 1963-1970

Mengesha Robso Wodajo and Haile Chuluke Digile

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