Publication: 2024, Number-68

Assessing the Socio-Economic Condition of Development-Induced Displaced Households: The Case of Ribe Irrigation Dam, South Gondar Zone, North West Ethiopia

Aytenew Adamu

Effect of controlling practices on budget effectiveness in case of Laga Tafo Laga Dadi town

Temesgen Desta Tolessa

Determinants of Micro and Small Enterprises Growth in case of Nekemte City, East Wollega,Oromia region of Ethiopia

Temesgen Desta Tolessa

Analysis of Smallholder Farmers Wheat Product Market Linkage: In Case of Bale Zone Sinana Woreda, Oromia Region, Ethiopia

Kasim Kelil (MBA) Yeshitila Gabre (MBA) , Solomon Eshetu (MBA)

Comparative Effects of Play-Simulation and Analogy Teaching Strategies on Secondary School Chemistry Students Achievement

Akpokiniovo, Samuel Rukevwe & Avwiri, H.E.(PhD)

The Impact of Empathetic Leadership and Job Innovation in Improving Operational Performance and Firm Value

Galih Fajar Muttaqin1*, Dabella Yunia2, Edward Fazri3

The effect of corporate governance on financial performance of microfinance institutions in Ethiopia

Ayneshet Agegnew (Ph.D. scholar & Asst.Prof), Co-Author Dr. Tripti Gujral

Relationship of nerve growth factor in saliva and chronic periodontitis an analytical cross-sectional study

Dr. Ramaprabha Murugan, Dr. Krithika CL, Dr. Kannan A, Dr.Yesoda Aniyan K, Dr. Ashwin Chandraveni M, Dr.Anuradha Ganesan

Food security - health and education

Pangi Chandi Shree Naidu & Prof. Jaladi Ravi

Taxation of Electronic Commerce: Prospects and Challenges for Ethiopia

Wakgari Kebeta Djigsa

Determinants of Womens Participation in Managerial Positions: Evidence from University of Gondar, Ethiopia

Asemamaw Tilahun Debas (PhD)

Potential impact of covid-19 on economy in Ethiopia: A case of micro enterprises in West Arsi Zone

1. Habtimer Mekonnen Korsa 2. Guye Nene Sasaga

Assessing Role of Accounting Records and Suitability of International Financial Records Standard for Small and Micro Enterprise: Case of Goro town, Ethiopia

Addisu Bekele Demie & Habtimer Mekonnen Korsa

The Clinical Benefits of Triclosan in Dentistry

Dr. Sangeetha Subramanian1*, Dr. Devapriya Appukuttan, 1Dr. Prakash PSG1, Dr.Aishwaraya V L2, Dr. Jasmine Crena3, Dr. Santhosh Venkadassalapathy4

Contributing factors for human resource management in tourism business enterprises in the context of a developing region

Yihalem Kebete & Negese Teshager

Analysis of Iraqi consumer behavior during the pandemic crisis of covid-19 Analytical Study about Consumers opinions, sample from Baghdad

Alaa Nabeel Al-Heali1

Nexus between Financial instability and Economic Growth in East and South African countries

Temesgen Furi*, Wondafarahu Mulugeta**, Badassa Wolteji***

Assessment of the aggregate amount of money that households are willing to pay for improved electricity supply in Debre Markos Town, Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Yibeltal Bantie Kebie & Professor Ch. Appa Rao

Effect of corporate governance on financial performance of private commercial banks in Ethiopia

1. Girmachew Kahsay Desta 2. Professor P. Viswanadham

Corporate governance mechanisms impact on commercial banks financial performance with reference to selected private commercial banks in Ethiopia

1. Girmachew Kahsay Desta 2. Professor P. Viswanadham

Determinants of Households WTP for Improved Electricity Supply Services in Debre Markos Town: -Using Contingent Valuation Method (CVM)

Yibeltal Bantie Kebie & Professor Ch.Appa Rao

Effectiveness of planned teaching programme on knowledge regarding home care of mentally retarded children among care givers in selected special school

Ms.Kavitha.P1, Dr.Sivapriya.S2

Technologically Mediated Religious Innovation and Distribution in the time of Pandemic

Melchor L. Cuizon

A geographical perspective on driving attitudes and behaviour in Nigeria

Atubi, Augustus Orowhigo (Ph.D.)

Effect of Internal Control on Financial Transparency towards effective public financial management in Public Universities, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia

Abayneh Kindie Derso & Professor P. Venkateswarlu

Effect of Organizational Culture on Employees Work Performance in Public Universities, located in Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia

Abayneh Kindie Derso & Professor P. Venkateswaralu

The Abiy`s Factors: The Implications of Ethiopia`s Foreign Policy Change towards the Horn of Africa since 2018

Mersha Zenebe Felek

Effect of COVID-19 on Income of Households in Ethiopia: A case of West Arsi Zone

1. Habtimer Mekonnen Korsa 2. Guye Nene Sasaga 3. Addisu Bekele

Factors Determining Financial Performance of Micro and Small Enterprises in West Arsi Zone Kore District

Geleta Feseha Sahilemichael Professor Jaladi Ravi

Does Emotional Intelligence, Moderate Leadership-Commitment nexus in Organizations? Evidence from the Banking Sector in Ethiopia

Birara Bezie Asratie1, Abebe Ejigu Alemu2, Demis Alamirew Getahun3

Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Commitment in the Banking Industry in Ethiopia

Birara Bezie Asratie1, Abebe Ejigu Alemu2, Demis Alamirew Getahun3

Theory overview of corporate culture defining research model of the relationship between corporate culture affect to employee commitment and business performance

Huynh Thanh Tu1,2, Tran Minh Hieu1,2,3*

Audit Opinion Going Concerned: How about Indonesia during the Covid 19 pandemic?

Rudi Zulfikar1, Kurniasih Dwi Astuti2 ,Tubagus Ismail3

The Impact of Foreign Financial flows on Economic Growth: an Empirical Analysis with Reference to East African Countries

Tekalign Elias Era & Professor Jaladi Ravi

Assessment of Socio-economic Impact of Corona virus (COVID-19) in Case Bule Hora and Dugda Dawa Town, Western Guji zone, Oromia Regional State, Southern Ethiopia

Kumera Takele1 Million Chimdessa2 Haile Tamiru3

The relationship between television promotion and consumer purchasing decisions-A field study

Dr. Afnan Mohammed Shaban

Governance and Public Policy Implementation in Nigeria: The Covid-19 Palliative Measures in Focus

Monday E. Dickson

Inventory Management and Firms Performance of Listed Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria

1Emmanuel Mitaire Tarurhor (Ph.D), 2Emmanuel Ejiroghene Aruoren (Ph.D) , 3Akanni Atanda Owolabi

Analysis of accounting information system of car spare parts inventory in increasing the effectivity of internal control

Yanti1 Tubagus Ismail2 Imam Abu Hanifah3 Munawar Muchlish4

A three-way analysis of variance on the locus of control of college lecturers in Malaysia

Fung Lan Yong & Melinda Kong , Ming Ha Lee

An Assessment of Factors Affecting the Effectiveness of Inventory Management in Public Sector of Kellem Wollega Zone: The Case of Dambi Dollo Town

Madhu Lincoln 1, (Associate professor) Mosisa Dachasa 2

Reactions of Parents to the Diagnosis of Autism in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Biruk Befkadu1*, Margaret E. Adamek2, Debebe Ero3

Relationship between leadership style and job satisfaction of academic Staffs in some selected Public Universities in Amhara regional state, Ethiopia

Muluken Alemu Delele * & Prof. Jaladi Ravi **

A study on the relationship between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of Academic Staffs (in the case of some selected Public Universities in Ethiopia)

Muluken Alemu Delele * & Prof. Jaladi Ravi **

Effects of Eucalyptus (E. camaldulensis) tree plantation on the soil properties on Didessa Woreda, South Western Ethiopia

Fikiru Gamachu*, Ferede Abuye, Tefera Jegora

Analysis of Structure Conduct and Performance of Garlic Market in Libo Kemkem District, South Gondar Zone Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Gedefaw kindu Wubet

Road traffic accident deaths, injuries, driver safety and socio-economic development in Nigeria

Atubi, Augustus Orowhigo (Ph.D.)

R&D Investment Research From 2015 to 2021 Using VOS Viewer Application: A Bibliometric Analysis

Dharmendra ,Tubagus Ismail , Lia Uzliawati & Imam Abu Hanifah

A descriptive study to assess the knowledge on pneumonia among mothers at selected hospital, Puducherry

Mrs. Revathy.V 1 , Dr. Sivapriya 2 , Dr. Nivedita 3

Determinants of Corporate Voluntary Disclosures in Annual Reports: Evidence from Ethiopian Commercial Banks

Dejen Debeb Asmare Professor P. Viswanadham

Level of Disclosure Compliance with IAS/IFRS: Empirical Evidence from Ethiopian Commercial Banks

Dejen Debeb Asmare Professor P. Viswanadham

Corporate Strategies applied by hospitality companies to tackle the Pandemic-a global preview

Prof. Jaladi Ravi Mr. A. Srinivas Rao Dr. Gedela Rakesh Varma

Knowledge, Attitude and Perception of Senior Citizens (A2 Group)Towards Effectivity of COVID-19 Vaccines

Pauline Mae T. Layaoen1, Darwin G. Dela Cruz2

Compares between Social Studies/Political Science and Social Studies/Christian Religious Studies achievement in Colleges of Education in Delta State, Nigeria

Uwaifo, Roseline Osayi (Ph.D)

Assessment of after-sales management in the automotive sector: case of motors and engineering company of Ethiopia

1. Jagadish Brahma Goulap (PhD) 2. Dawit Desta 3. Yohannes Workeaferahu Elifneh (PhD)

Success factors of the micro finance sector: evidence from the developing world using a success factor research approach

Yohannes Workeaferahu Elifneh (Ph.D.)

Factors Affecting the Recruitment of Performing Arts Groups Thru Social Media During COVID-19 Pandemic

Nerissa A.Ventura1, Darwin G. Dela Cruz2 Jocelyn R. Dollente3

Field Trips and Their Effect on Learning Outcome of Students in Social Studies

Atubi, Onamrewho Favour and Ogheneakoke, E. Clifford

Impact of external factors on growth of micro and small business enterprises: The case of MSEs in Finote selam city, Ethiopia

Hunegnaw Alemu Desta 1 and Professor P. Venkateswarlu 2

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of Micro and Small Enterprises in the Amhara Region, Ethiopia: The Challenges and Achievements

Mulugeta Chane Wube and Dr. Heena Atwal

Magnetic resonance T2 mapping in Temporomandibular Joints: comparison among different age groups- an observational study

Dr. Radha R1, Dr. Yesoda Aniyan K2, Dr. Kannan Asokan3,Dr. Krithika C L4, Dr.Anuradha G5

Hybrid Data Analytics System for Higher Education: A Proposed Model for System Prototype

Ervin L. Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Toward a harmonized definition of the complex multidimensional concept of innovation

Dr. Mohammed Dahmani Fathalla

Impact of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic on Economy of Tourism and Hospitality industry and Mitigation Mechanism in Bahir Dar City, Ethiopia

Ayana Fiseha Zeleke 1*, Solomon Mekuanint Biwota2, Molla Mengesha Sisay3

Using ethno-chemistry approach to improve students achievement in chemistry: A case study of senior secondary school students in Delta State

Agboro-Eravwoke Ochuko Urhievwejire (Ph.D)

Management Level of Special Education Teachers (SPET) on handling Learners with Special Needs (LSEN)

Hydie P. Garcia1, and Danilo S. Vargas2

Characterization and Optimization of Soybean Oil from Soybean Seed (Keta and Billo 19) Variety

Gadissa Mosisa Gobana & Tamirat Endale Geleta

Empirical analysis through financial ratios that factors affecting financial performance of microfinance institutions: evidence from Omo microfinance Sodo District, South Ethiopia

Gobezu Gotoro Gota & Dr. S.S. Sodha

Larvicidal activity of different solvent extracts of Nerium oleander (Apocynaceae) red coloured flowers against Aedes aegypti, Anopheles stephensi and Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae)

M.Pandeeswari1, Raja Selvaraju2 and R.Yamuna3, Manu Thomas Mathai4

The effect of Credit Management on Financial Performance of Microfinance Institutions in Hawassa, Ethiopia

Tekalign Elias Era & Professor Jaladi Ravi

Impact of demographic variables on growth of MSEs in Ethiopia : The case of Bahir dar city, Amhara region, Ethiopia

Hunegnaw Alemu Desta & Professor P. Venkateswarlu

Financial Condition Analysis of Addis Ababa City Government in Ethiopia

Mata Maldaye Masaro1 Professor P. Venkateswarlu2

Firm characteristics and environmental performance: a study of listed conglomerates in Nigeria

Ezekwesili, Tochukwu P. & Ezejiofor, Raymond A.

Value added tax and economic development in selected sub-Saharan Africa countries

Akakabota, Edward Eta, Ph.D1, Ugherughe, Joseph Ediri, Ph.D2* and Oghoghomeh, Tennyson, Ph.D1

Application of novel instructional strategies and learners academic performance in Biology

Chukwuka, Rita Ewere

Insurance Industry Performance and Potential Capital Market Development Nexus In Ethiopia: The Application of AHP And DEMATEL Multi-Criteria Decision Models

Yitbarek Takele Bayiley (Ph.D.)

Open High School Program (OHSP): Efficacy in its Implementation

Shiena S. Cruz1 and Danilo S. Vargas2

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