Publication: 2024, Number-66

Factors affecting employees job rotation: in case of OIB Kirkos sub city

Dr. Neeraj Bali

Opportunities and challenges of private investment activities in north Shewa zone of Oromia regional state, Ethiopia

Meseret Dame Tafa1 Solomon Tessema Worku2

Broadcasting to Rural Audience: Assessment of Social Responsibility of Radio Nigeria, Abuja

Blessed F. Ngonso Aloysius NnannaNworisa

Logistics business in Tamil Nadu at crossroads: The way ahead

Dr.W. Vinu Dr. Inayath Ahamed S B Dr.G. Ramesh Pandi

Macroeconomic Determinants of Economic Growth in Ethiopia

Mebratu Negera

Investment Behaviour of Salaried Class People in Udumalpet Town, Tirupur District


Determinants of internet financial reporting: In the case of Ethiopian insurance and banking sector companies

Birhan Moges Adugna Dr. Bhupendra Kumar

Analysis of consumers brand choice factors: the case of bottled water brands in Addis Ababa

Meaza Getnet Alemu 1 Gedamnesh Tesfaye Regasa 2

Ethiopia Import Export Scenario During 2011 - 2019

Dr. Venkatesh Andavar Dr. S. Srinivasan Mr. Minda Yirga Beyene

Active Ageing in the Post Covid Era: An Analysis of the Lived Experience of Elderly in Kolkata

Sanchari Chandra1 and Sree Sanyal 2

Chemistry students cognitive styles and their conceptual understanding of some Macroscopic, Submicroscopic, and Symbolic Concepts in Delta State

Agboro-Eravwoke Ochuko Urhievwejire

Protection of civilians rights during armed conflict between TPLF and Ethiopian government

Abyot Abebe Alaye

Efficient Machine Learning Algorithm for Predicting Market Prices for Electronics Modules

Addisu Worku Bezabih

Ability of digital imaging in diagnosing periapical lesions at varying brightness and resolution

Dr. Nandhini Ramesh 1*, Dr.Krithika C.L2, Dr. Kannan A3, Dr. Yesoda Aniyan 4

Enset, the Underutilized Suitable Food Crop for Sustainable Agriculture and Guard against Famine in Ethiopia

Gezahagn Kudama

Strategic planning practices of Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State public organisations in achieving the first Growth and Transformation Plan of the Ethiopian Government

Aweke Ashenafi Kide

Visual art as resource for economic empowerment of prison-inmates in Benue state, Nigeria

Akpen-Ade, Peter

Effects of technology based innovation on listed commercial banks financial performance in Ethiopia: The case of Electronic Banking Services

Birhan Moges Adugna Dr. Krishna Gadasandula Swapna Daravath

Effects of Servant Leadership Practices on Teachers’ Organizational Commitment in Secondary Schools of Addis Ababa

Habtamu Menber Dilie Dr. D. Nagaraja Kumari

JALLI an Aesthetic feature of Hindu and Mughal Architecture

Dr.Neelam Agrawal Srivastava 1 Dr. Poonam Bhaghchandani 2

Analysis of Rural Household Multidimensional Poverty: Northern Amhara Regional state, Ethiopia

Tesfaye Gedefaw Wolde

Nexus between Trade integration and Economic Growth: Case of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) Countries: An Application of the Feasible Generalized Least Square (FGLS) Panel Data Approach

Mr. Kitessa DelessaTerefe

Impact of Row-Seeding Technology Adoption on Teff Productivity, Household Welfare and asset holding: Evidence from South West Shoa Zone, Oromia Regional State, Using Propensity Score Matching Technique

Tesfaye Gedefaw Wolde

The structural relationship between internationalization barriers and export performance: evidence from textile and garment enterprises in Ethiopia

Sintayehu Assefa, Abebe Ejigu Alemu and Gemechu Nemera

An empirical examination of Ethiopia's economic growth Potentials: A Time Series Approach

Kitessa Delessa Terefe

Investigating the role of indigenous cultural musical instruments for rural tourism development

Amare Kindu Dagnachew Nega Dr. Bhupendra Kumar

An Intersection of Political economy, Regulation and Regulatory Bodies in the Ethiopian Media

Ayele Addis Ambelu ; Dr. Adem Chanie Ali ; Dr. Terje Skjerdal

Media Censorship in Ethiopian in the perspective of Political Economy, Regulation and Regulatory Bodies

Ayele Addis Ambelu Dr. Adem Chanie Ali Dr. Terje Skjerdal

Source Documents, Books of Original Entry and Financial Performance of Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria

Olaoye, C.O. and Afolabi, C. S.

Biopriming: A prospective techniques for crop improvement

Mehrdad Alizadeh1*, Yalda Vasebi2, Mansi Chauhan 3, Anju Rani 3*

Market Outlet Choices of Smallholder Wheat Farmers in South Gondar Zone, Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia: A Multivariate Profit Approach

Walelgn Yalew Beadgie

Microfinance banks and growth of micro and small scale enterprises in Sub-Sahara Africa

Ochuko S. Alagba1 Ediri Ugherughe2 and Young U. Okwuise3

Role of Non-Government Organisations towards Tribal Girl Child Education in Odisha

Jayanti Singh Kerai Dr. Birendra Suna

Utilizing Metacognitive Reading Strategies to develop Students Reading Comprehension in EFL Classroom: Bule Hora University 1st year selected freshman Students

Gadisa Tadesse Gobena

Konda Dora The Lord of the Hills : An Illustrative Study in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh

Y V S Sivanagaraju 1, Dr. Tariq Ahmad Sheikh 2

Climate Change andmajoradaptation strategies on Livelihood of farmerin case of Lay-Gayint District, South Gonder Zone, Ethiopia

Tamiru Bezabih Sisay

The Impact of Climate Change on Small Holder Farmers in case of Lay-Gayint District, South Gonder Zone, Ethiopia

Tamiru Bezabih Sisay

Review on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Muzeeb Ur Rehman1, Ashutosh Panday 2

Youth Entrepreneurial Startups: Enablers and Inhibitors in Ethiopia, South Gonder Zone

Zeleke Wale Kassahun (MBA)

The Impact of using celebrities in advertising on the purchasing behavior of consumers/Analytical Study about consumers opinions: Sample from Baghdad

Alaa Nabeel Al-Heali

Reflection on Nigerian Socialisation Process and Strategies: A Review

Sunday Obro

The Effect of E-Supply Chain Management Perceived Performance On End User Satisfaction: The Case Of Heineken Brewery Company Share Addis Ababa Branch

1Dr. Shashi Kant 2Mandho Genale Udo

The Effect of Capital inflows on Domestic Private Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mebratu Negera Feyisa

Investigating the associations among EFL students reading attitude, reading motivation, and comprehension

Tadiwos Hambamo Makebo

Knowledge Mapping of Bluetongue Disease Research: A Scientometric Analysis (1940-2020)

G.Rathinasabapathy1, K.Veeranjaneyulu2, K.N.Kandpal3

Accident Detection and Alert System for Medical Assistance

Madhuri Emmidi1 Gaurav Sharma2

Rural Households Willingness to pay insurance for Health: South Gondar Zone, Amhara Region

Alebel Woretaw Asaye , Tilahun Lakew Nigatie

British Bungalows as an Administrative Centre in Assam: A historical study

Jyotika Deka

Factors Affecting the Value Added Tax (VAT) Administration Effectiveness: EvidenceSouth Gondar Zone, Ethiopia

Tilahun Lakew Alebel Woretaw Dr. Krishna Gadasandula

Implication of Fairtrade Marketing Outlet Selection on Income of Coffee Farmers in Gimbo district

Gezahagn Kudama

Determinants of profit efficiency of micro and small enterprises

Hailemichael Mulie Asmare (Ph.D)

Assessing the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices on Factory Performance: A Study on Selected Factories in Amhara region, Ethiopia

Feyisa Debisa Tilahun Lakew

Red pepper production risk adjusted technical efficiency: The case of Lanfuro district in Silte zone, Southern Ethiopia

Muktar Geleto, Mohammed Essa, Anitha Lourdu Jemes

An Investigation into Factors that Hinder ELT Teachers to Design Authentic Writing Tasks for Writing Lesson with Reference to Ambo Town High Schools

Obsa Kebede Wakuma

Farmers Producers Organizations (FPO) in Bihar: A Road Ahead

Anayatullah Nayaji

Binary Logistic Regression Analysis on the Effect of Tax Audit on Improving the Taxpayers Compliance Behavior: A Case of Ethiopian Ministry of Revenue, South Gondar Zone Branch-Ethiopia

Birhan Moges Adugna Dr. Krishna Gadasandula Dr. M. Kondala Rao

Determinants of market participation and intensity of marketed surplus among maize producers in Fogera District of South Gondar Zone, Ethiopia: Heckman Two Stage Approach

Walelgn Yalew

The impact of the insurance sector in achieving economic development / applied research in the Iraqi Stock Exchange

Wisal Abdullah Husain1, Oroba Main Ayesh2

Impact of Promotional Tools on Sales with Special Reference to Ethio- telecom: Evidence from North Western Region Office, Ethiopia

Alebel Woretaw Tilahun Lakew Dr. Krishna Gadasandula

Sexuality education for wellness of secondary school children in Delta state of Nigeria

Dr. Peter Suoke Onohwosafe and Mrs. Catherine Adowei

Correlates of academic integrity in enhancing the quality and standard of science education in tertiary institutions in Delta state

Avwiri, H. E.

Impact of Television on Scheduled Tribes: A Study of Rajupakalu Village in Visakhapatnam

Dr. Challa Ramakrishna

Determinants of profitability performance of beer companies in Ethiopia

Andargachew Haile Alem 1 Endalkachew Nigusse 2 Dr.Nageswara Rao Thadvuai 3

An Assessment of the COVID-19 Pandemic Induced Shocks in Urban Household Livelihoods: A Case Study of Werabe Town Administration, Ethiopia

Tewfik Bamud 1 Dr.AnithaLourdu James2

A Study on Determinants of Private Investment Activity: A Case Study of Debre Tabor Town - Ethiopia With Reference to Ethiopian Investment Authority

Baharu Sisay Negatu Dr. Krishna Gadasandula Associate Professor Dr. M. KondalaRao

Assessment of Electric and traditional Open- Fire Stoves Utilization to Reduce Environmental Impacts and Energy Conservation in the Case of South Gondar

Addisu Worku Bezabih

The impact of domestic violence on women autonomy

Mersha Zenebe (MA) and Habtam Setegn (MA)

Assessment of Factors Affecting Tax Audit Effectiveness in Ethiopia: Empirical Evidence from South Gondar Zone Revenue Offices

Destaw Simret Tesfie Birhan Moges Adugna Dr. Krishna Gadasandula Dr. M. Kondala Rao

Exploring Teachers Perceptions and Practices of Active Learning Method in ELT Classroom: The case of four High schools in West Guji Zone

Obsa Kebede Wakuma

A Study of Emergence of Railways During the British Rule.

Mr. Ashvakumar Chandrakant Pawar

Mathematics Learning Disability: Some Strategies to Teach Students who haveMathematics Learning Disability

Onoshakpokaiye, E. Odiri

Clinical Profile of Urinary Tract Infections In Elderly Men

Dr. Ambili N.R Dr. Renymol B Dr. T.D.Unnikrishnan Kartha

Household Willingness to pay for improved solid Waste management: The case of Werabe town, Siltie zone, Ethiopia

Mr. Kedir Abdu Mr. Mohammed Essa Ms. Ritbey Negash

A Studyof Emergenceof Railways During the British Rule.

Mr. Ashvakumar Chandrakant Pawar

Assessing the Factors that Affect Teachers Work Motivation in Secondary Schools of Arsi Zone

Mohammed Dekabo Kabeto

Does the demographic variable influence the online purchase intention?

Dr.K.Chitra1, D.Divya2

Determinants of corporate social responsibility practices: the case of selected manufacturing companies in Guraghe zone, Ethiopia

Minda Yirga Beyene Aweke Ashenafi Kide

Assessing the Impact of Language Diversity in Interpersonal Communication in Case of Second and Third Year English Language and Literature Students of Bule Hora University

Yonas Yohannes Koyra

Audience perception and use of online advertising in Nigeria: a study of Jumia collectibles

Onwude Nnenna Fiona Onyebuchi Alexander Onyebuchi Ph.D Obayi Paul Martin Ph.D Okafor Clementina Ph.D

The Practice of Gender Responsive Class Room Instruction in Upper Primary Schools of South Gondar Administrative Towns (5-8 Grades)

Tilahun Fentie Nigussie

Causes of business tax payers evasion and remedies to develop tax payment in Ethiopia

Minda Yirga Beyene1, Dr.L.V.R. Manoj Kumar2

Entrepreneurship skills needed by vocational and technical education students for self-employment in a recessed economy

Timothy O. Olinya, 2Honesta C. Anorue & 3 Faruk S. Abdullahi

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