Publication: 2023, Number-63

Status of development in different blocks of Jalpaiguri district

Priyabrata Mondal

Causes of soil pollution in selected part of Birbhum District, West Bengal

Mr. Prakash Singh

Changes of population scenario of Himachal Pradesh, India From 1981 to 2011

Anarul Islam

Influence factors on the purchase decision of electronic consumer durables

Subarna Kumar Sharma

The significant difference of the influence of co-curricular activities on the stress level among the students of senior secondary level

Lakshmi Sindhe

Ecological study of flora is an important indication as it forms baseline data for the distribution of plant species or communities and their relation with physical environment of particular area

Soni Raj

Status of education in Western Maharashtra: a Geographical Analysis

Hira Malhotra

Urban socio-economic Domination on rural neighbourhood: a micro level study

Mr. Jaba Dutta

Sports are universal appeal has led to sport gaining recognition as a simple, low cost and effective medium for achieving key developmental goals-A review

Deepali Kapoor

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