Publication: 2022, Number-62

Levels of educational development in Bankura District, West Bengal

Dr. Anjumoni Boruah

The relationship among language, culture and thought and There addition to a variety of gestures, rituals and paralinguistic features- A study

Rajashekhar Shirvalka

The pioneering practice of food fermentation shares an integral part of cultural heritage from ancient Indian civilization

Amal kumar Deshmukh

Land-use status of Jalpaiguri district and compare it to state and nation

Mr.Braja Kishore Sahoo

Critical analysis of Personality, Attribution and Environment and psychological relation


Nutritional status of students in primary classes of Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh

Sayantika Palvan

Post-Soviet Russia revolution on transition in Russia was marked by various political experiments

Madhusudhan Karmakar

Use of Internet market with few clicks with Analytical hierarchical Process

Nirmala chavan

Views on the impact of microfinance on the poverty eradication and women's empowerment

Suman Paul

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